Friday, May 15, 2020

Posted 15th May Friday Noon time:

BB-1: Now lies as a Well Marked Low at 10.5N and 87.6E. Estimated Core pressure 1004 mb. Estimated winds at  15-20 knts.

The Positive Vorticity has increased over the South East Bay. MJO is in Phase 2 with amplitude 1. The TCHP ( Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential) is more than 100 kg/cm2 over the Southern Bay region, but decreasing in the North Bay. The SST is 30-31c. Upper Level divergence has increased.
Thus being favourable for the system. Initial Rapid Intensification.

South West Monsoon Bay Branch advancing with system..AS BB-1 moves NW, the depth of SW winds over the Islands will be at 700 hpa by Sunday.

Thick clouding over Maldives..Rains:
Kaadehdhoo 118 mms, Gan 98 mms. Kadhoo 41 mms, Male 36 mms,

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Kaustubh said...

Sir will this depression pull monsoon over bay of Bengal and Sri Lanka or it will be another cyclone which will suck up monsoon and delay its progress?