Monday, May 04, 2020

Posted Monday 4th May afternoon:

Monday Afternoon ↧ 

BB-1, still in Low Pressure stage is showing lethargic progress. Due to:

1. Insufficient SST gradient in the Bay. The  SST is 30-31c, but the Cyclone Heat Potential is 100 KJ/Cm2 over South Bay and Andaman Sea, and 60 KJ/Cm2 over the North Bay.

2. MJO amplitude decreasing, instead of remaining steady. 

3. Upper Level Divergence has decreased over the Low region as well as over Equtorial Region.

Vertical Wind Shear is moderate (But increased slightly) over South Bay Region.

Intensification may take a little longer gradually than predicted..say in another 2 days.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Rajesh for keeping us updated on weather through this lock down period too. Reading your updates and from others at Vagaries team makes this dull period a bit more interesting. And soon we will have the glorious monsoon season back in a month's time. Hope we would be out of the present covid situation by that time, atleast better than where we are today.

Meanwhile please stay safe, all Vagaries team and readers and families.


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