Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday evening observations: 
Arabian Sea Low remains weak around 1002 mb...and slight shift to North at 13N and 69.5E...three points to note:
1. If it strengthens to 999 mb or below, and stationed at 65E or Eastwards, then it will "suck up" the monsoon readiness clouds, and we wait till the off shore trough organises again.
2. Anyway, we expect a Westerly track...but, If it crosses beyond westwards of 65E, then off shore trough remains intact...wait and watch next 12 hrs...trying for mid night update again..
3. East west shear interfering presently.


Hrishikesh said...

Hopefully Mumbai will get a thunderstorm today evening/night as forecasted the significant drop in pressure gives indication that a thunderstorm is on it's way it is 1002 at 9:30am which is generally the highest and now it maybe will climb to 1003 at the most and drop maybe to 999

Abhijit Modak said...

With delayed SWM rains and also no premonsoon TS yet !! So Mumbai makes new all time record for min temp today .SCZ min remp 30.2c today !!

On other Chennai enjoyed there first heavy rain of the season !!

Overnight TS lashed Chennai ! MNBKM recorded 52mm rainfall ending 8.30am today.. Min temp drops to 23c today from yesterday's 30.4c !!

Sunny Arora said...

Rajesh ji i am a weather buff with professionals like you guys i have learnt a lot, so much so i made a wild guess on vagaries blog a week back on the movement of the low pressure in the Arabian Sea, i was reminded of super cyclone GONU in the year 2007 which battered the Oman coast so i drew the same conclusion and your team today have drawn the same conclusion, feeling so great i wanted to share it with hi fi folks like you.
Rajesh ji not boasting with inputs from you all my nephew cricket star Yuvraj Singh takes weather advisory from me while touring and playing at home,
He texts will ask Coach how will da weather play ?
Before i sign off i will take your reply on the role of Somalian jet stream on the SW Monsoon. Thanks and deep regards Anuj Arora

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