Sunday, June 15, 2014

Posted Sunday Night:

South West Monsoon advances upto Southern Coastal Saurashtra and South Gujarat....( Map on Current Weather Page)...Pushed into the Konkan and South Gujarat coast by the Western Coast off Shore trough, it also got a fillip into Southern Saurashtra aided by an UAC at 850 level which is S/SW off the Saurashtra Coast. Diu received 16 cms and Veraval 7 cms in 9 hrs ended 5.30 pm IST Sunday.
Would expect the UAC to merge in a upper level trough. Rains , heavy at times, for 1 more day in Saurashtra. Heavy rains in Coastal regions of Gujartat, with the Monsoon most probably rushing upto Dwarka..
The upper level trough would keep the off shore trough stable...bringing good rainfall in Southern Coastal Gujarat (Surat) and North Konkan.

Monday: Partly cloudy initially, getting cloudy in the day...Passing regional showers, a few heavy. By the evening, heavier thunder showers in the city. During the day, an average rainfall of 20-25 mms expected. 
Tuesday: Cloudy, with intermittent showers. Increase in rainfall over Monday.Mostly the city will get frequent showers, some with thunder, and the 24 hrs rainfall ( Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning)could measure upto 35-40 mms.
Wednesday: Overcast with occasional showers...showers in the city will bring the day temperature down, but would not measure much more than Tuesday, maybe 30 mms.

Pune will be partly cloudy, and next week will see light rain in parts of Pune. Daily rain around 3-5 mms.

Kolkata: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Lesser chnces of widespread thunder showers. A few showers in some parts or vicinity of city can pop up due to convection. Due to this, the day will be hot round 39c..
Thursday onwards, we see rainfall increasing, as possibly the South West Monsoon can advance over the city.

An evening storm may be a possibility next few days in parts of Delhi NCR...

Hot days for Islamabad and Pak Punjab cities...around 41-43c...Chances of evening thunder and rains on 17th and 18th June...possibly cooling the cities and bringing temporary relief from the heat.

Moderate Rains have started around Mumbai, with IMD announcing the arrival of the Monsoon.
As on Sunday morning, Santa Cruz received 14.6 mms, Colaba 21.4 mms, Thane got 22 mms, Kalyan 19 mms, Ulhasnagar 18 mms, Vasai 18 mms.

Details from Konkan are awaited, But Vengrula received 60 mms and Ratnagiri 46 mms. 

Detailed rainfall will be put up on Vagaries Rainman Edition.

Monsoon has also advanced into South Gujarat. 
As expected, Surat and Bharuch regions receieved good showers, Patan 4 cms, Bharuch showing 27 mms till Sunday morning. Valsad got 10 mms and Surat 1.5 mms.
And Rajkot region, Upleta and Doraji 3 cms.
In Junagadh, Malia got 4 cms, Visavadar 3 cms and Talala 2 cms. Even Mandvi and Naliya in Kutch got 1 mm.
Talala Junagadh Highway on Sunday...

Though the off Shore trough extends to South Gujarat, it remains weak...Report tonite by 11 pm IST.


sset said...

Seems monsoon has moved north in a rapid period leaving southern India (SE India..) dry...Monsoon is already in GUJ. Once axis moves over Central India Southern heatwave will return. What about AP and TN it has not rained at all...Relentless heat wave over AP (since March 45+++) has killed 100s tonnes fish over coastal AP. Sri Lanka same problem it just rained 1 day leaving entire SriLank dry with drought... Entire SE India needs to wait for NE monsoon( if it happens..)

Unknown said...

rajesgh sir will elnino affect kerala monsoon or will we recieve normal rains till september...

Vinod Desai said...

Again same pattern of getting rains in evening we are getting showers after 7 pm here in mumbai..and be oming heaveir now.

Unknown said...

Lighting in santacruz

sset said...

Torrential rains over Navi Mumbai - must have dumped over 100mm - 150mm?? Seems cyclone Nauk has merged along GUJ/MAHA coast. Will it repeat like 2013 june (vortex formation??) then another torrential dumps of 300mm??

Vinod Desai said...

We got good rains between 7-9 in western suburb malad its not raining but there is lightning in sky towards south direction..

Prasad said...

What about central maharashtra? There is no pre monsoon rain in central maharashtra and monsoon is also here, so when we expect good rain for central maharashtra??

Unknown said...

Vasai is getting good rain's too from yesterday, sometime's heavy accompanied with gusty wind's. not a bad start for monsoon season.

Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur received heavy rain spell with few lightning & thunder last night between 10pm to 12am. Last 4 days observing same pattern of rain limited to just in nights and days partly cloudy to sunny..

Vinod Desai said...

Very heavy rains in saurashtra junagadh district..kodinaar got 15 inches of rain..

Junaid said...

New Panvel records 10mm of rain in 24 hours ending 8:30 am today ( 16-6-2014).
The rain patches conveniently avoided panvel area yesterday.

Hrishikesh said...

finally mumbai got heavy thundershowers yesterday night and a heavy shower in morning till now it was sunny and turned cloudy now temperature at 29C pressure 1003 and dropping winds moderate from south south-east

  30th May..2023..South West Monsoon establishing over S.Andamans 30th Winds Charts👇