Sunday, June 20, 2010

The heat is back in the Sub-Continent ! 
"Vagaries of the Weather"  mentions today (afternoon write up) of the possibility of a heat wave returning to the region. But before "the ink could dry",we have it on us !
Today's highest in Asia reading returns back to Pakistan, with Larkana and Sibi notching 51c.Followed by 50c at Al Ahsa Airport in Saudi Arabia.
Bhawalnagar(Pakistan) was next with 49c
In India, it was Ganganagar as usual with a high of 48.1c. (Information from smaller towns not yet in). 

Delhi airport has jumped to 46.7c today.The list of 47s and 46s are long, so putting up a map of the highs today would be better.
Monday could see higher temperatures in the region...

On Sunday, Mumbai had a high of 32.2c at Colaba and 32.6c at S'Cruz, with 2.2 mms of rain (Colaba) and 9.4 mms at S'Cruz. (Prediction for Sunday in this blog was 32c and 15mms of rain.)

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....and if you  want to know how the summer's going to be in the U.K. read Mark's superb analysis here.


Anonymous said...

How is the weather affected by the level of the UAC e.g. the UAC on the Maha - Goa coast is in the lower levels - what is the significance of that? We often see the IMD forecast mention 2.1 KM above sea level or 0.9 KM above sea level etc. and also 'tilting westwards / eastwards etc. with height'

Rajesh said...

Usually we see this: Warm air rises over a warm region. That is called a convection and it creates low pressures. That air then cools down with altitude, by the adiabatic effect, and moves aside. That is called an advection or, "upper air circulation.

  Heavy Rains ( Mentioned in yesterday's snippet) as on 1st August Morning:  East Rajasthan: Ajmer 137 mms, Bhilwara 75 mms, Jaipur 6...