Friday, June 25, 2010

From Our Partner Blog:
It appears the warmth is continuing to build across the southern half of Britain.. After a dreary, dull and showery day, though we didn't recieve much rainfall, enough to sprinkle on the ground as a frontal system tries to push southeast from the outer Hebrides into the central belt of Scotland. It's drizzling as I type this.
Down south of the border it was all about the sunshine and warming temps. Highs are very likely to warm towards the highest of 2010 so far either tomorrow or Friday and if London tops 30C or 86 degrees, this would mark the warmest in the UK so far in 2010! We shall see, stay tuned for more updates on the heat in Britain.
Note to Scots and Irish: We will see the return to sunshine within the next day or so, highs in the mid-70s?  ...And lots more on the Americas, for those interested....on Mark's blog.

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