Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Salient Features of Super Cyclone Kyarr (Oct 2019)

It is 2nd cyclone in Arabian Sea to attain a 'Super Cyclone' status after Cyclone Gonu (in June 2007) which was 1st Super Cyclone in Arabian Sea ever since the observation started !

And turns out to be 9th Super Cyclone for North Indian Ocean basin. Rest 7 Super Cyclone were hosted by Bay of Bengal before year 2000!

Also Kyarr by deepening till 915 mb, broken the Gonu record of 920 mb !! So turns out to be strongest Cyclone ever in Arabian Sea since observation started !

But just missed the Odisha 1999 super cyclone status record as it saw pressure deepening till 912 mb.. And with this Kyarr, becomes 2nd strongest cyclone in N. Indian ocean ever till now !

Now another breaking news is that Cyclone MAHA has formed officially!! So 2 cyclones churning at same time in Arabian Indeed rare sight !!

Again unique feature of 2019! After witnessing uniqueness of huge deficit start for June to excess end in Sep by SWM 2019.


Sarfaraj khan said...

Rajesh sir.. How will this cyclone impact Mumbai region....

Saurabh said...

NEM is looking as good as SWM for south india. Rainfall deviations as of today are as follows
Karnataka +105%
Telangana +73%
Kerala +55%
Andhra +31%
TN +27%

Here is the link from IMD\Rainfall_Maps\Cumulative\State_Rainfall_Map\STATE_RAINFALL_MAP_COUNTRY_INDIA_cd.JPG&landingpage=other

Spectacular so far. Hope it continues for another month.

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