Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Posted 30th Wednesday Afternoon:

AS-5 now a depression  390 Kms E/SE of Lakhadweep Islands. Tracking N/NW along coast initially and strengthening.

Wednesday 30th will see heavy rains in the Islands and Kerala. Also in TN. Some regions of Saurashtra will get thunder showers.

Thursday 31st rains heavy in Kerala and coastal Karnataka, and Telengana.
Friday 1st November, rains increasing in Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada and Konkan . 

Mumbai/Pune: Partly cloudy Wednesday. 
Thursday 31st: Thunder shower possible by evening. 
Rains on the increase on Friday & Saturday 1st/2nd  November. thunder shower possible in the evening 

Light rains in parts of Surat till Saturday.
Goa to get showers till Friday 1st November

Posted 29th night
 Kyaar started weakening after crossing 65E. Had mentioned last week due to drier air interaction.
But still winds estimated at 160 kmph, with 190 kmph gusts.
Heading towards South Oman and weakening.

AS 5 well marked now over Comorin, about 550 kms South of Kochi
.. To deepen and move N/NW...

Forecast tomorrow 30th by noon. 


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir, shall AS 5 will convert to another cyclone. What will be path.?
When this rain will finally stop in Mumbai?

sset said...
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NilaY Wankawala said...

So nice of Rajesh sir keeping us posted on updates on arabian sea development's.

Interesting read click / copy paste on your browser- link below

Credit source economic times


Saurabh said...

NEM is looking as good as SWM for south india. Rainfall deviations as of today are as follows
Karnataka +105%
Telangana +69%
Kerala +47%
Andhra +30%
TN +15%

Here is the link from IMD

This should bring joy to our friend SSET but i am not going to bet on it :)

Unknown said...

It has been an excellent October month for the North East Monsoon. Bountiful rains across Tamil Nadu last 24 hours. Overall TN surplus by about 14% so far. No floods, no cyclones but just simple good rains. Exactly what they need. Let's hope this continues through the next 45 days of NEM and both farmers and city population get good water storage and supply.


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