Saturday, October 19, 2019

Posted Saturday afternoon 19th

Some more available heavy rainfall data ending 8:30 am today.

Sundgi 122 mm
Gonegaon 120 mm
Degloor 100 mm

Awadshirpur 112 mm
Washi 82 mm
Paranda 80 mm
Kalamb 70 mm
Pangaon 67 mm

Sawantwadi 100 mm
Devgad 90 mm

Bandalgi (#Solapur) 84 mm
From Abhijit

As mentioned, the Arabian Sea low, AS-4,has formed.
 The resultant south winds from the low interact with the Easterly winds and formed a weak trough along the West coast ,but inland due to interaction.

Hence the rains along the coast and interior Maharashtra.

Rains will continue for another 3 days as AS4 becomes more marked.

Mumbai got the expected rains. Likely with thunder on Sunday and Monday. Rains decrease all over after 3 days.. By Wednesday.

Pune to get heavy rain on Sunday and then moderate till Wednesday.
South Gujarat will get its share next few days. 


sset said...

Looks like SWM 2019 phase 2 for Maharashtra - many places record 3 digit ++ rains!!
After grabbing world wettest place, MAHA eyes for NEM also... (nature anamoloies climate change). Looks like Arabian sea is going to be active entire year!

Abizer kachwala said...

Sir,continuous rains in Nagothane since 5pm today..again a right forecast

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir why there is not much rain in mumbai and their suburban in this system

Saurabh said...

The good rains over the NEM regions continue.

sset said...

Poor rains for TN all because of AS low interference. Seems easterlies are only feeding AS systems !

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, could you please give us your comments on the AS low. I hear some people say that it will come towards Maharashtra Gujarat coast while some say it would go towards Oman. Your forecast will help us understand better. Thanks.


Abizer kachwala said...

Sir,suddenly your cyclone post disappeared.

 Posted at 12 midnight... 25th The centre of the cyclone will cross the coast near Puducherry within next three hours from midnight with a w...