Thursday, October 10, 2019

Posted October 10th Afternoon:

Monsoon Withdrawal starts from NW India on 9th October. 
This is the most delayed SWM withdrawal ever. The previous latest withdrawal was 1st October 1961 and 30th September 2007.

10/11th: Estimated withdrawal from Kutch, Rajasthan  complete, North West M.P, Delhi and West U.P.

12/14th: Central India  and Eastern India

15th/16th: Maharashtra , Mumbai.

Mumbai: Thursday 10th/Friday 11th/Saturday 12th:  Hit  /Miss Chances of Thunder Showers in any parts/area sof Mumbai. Covering the same chances for outer townships.
Sunday 13th: the odd shower, and rains withdraw from Monday 14th.

Pune : Thunder Showers on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th. Lesser on Saturday 12th. Rains withdraw from Monday 14th.

Heavy thunder showers in Hyderabad next 2 days from withdrawing Monsoon.


Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,I have a doubt ,as we may see dry days from 14th ..but it doesnt seem to be permanent..around 17-18 th again westerlies getting strengthened thus causing rainy storms again..what are your then withdrawal criteria is no rain till 5 days .If I am wrong..please do correct me

Saurabh said...

Most delayed start of monsoon withdrawal. Not surprisingly it has been a hasty withdrawal so far. Amritsar to Gaya in 2 days.

sset said...

Hope we do not encounter useless cyclones like 2018 Thitli, Diya, Fani - which brought disaster for NEM - not a drop for SE India but went away to NE India and Northern India. Even Gaja was windy and not a rain oriented stuff. Let TN/SAP escape desertification all eyes on NEM - but not happening SWM still hanging - needs rapid withdrawl.

sset said...

Skymet shows Anticyclone over RAJ one day, next day it shows cyclone circulation over RAJ/GUJ...

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