Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Cloudburst in Badlapur on Tuesday 8th (Dussera);

Massive cloudburst saw 123 mms in 65 mins ! But it was 47.7 mms recorded in 5 mins gap interval (See table).and 100 mms in 30 minutes !(Just short of record.. see in Vagaries Extreme)

Table of 5 min interval rainfall recorded by Vagarian Abhijit on his private AWS. 

Rain Rate on display: Massive 451.8 mms/hr !

Radar at the time of Cloudburst

Dussera Rains elsewhere in Mumbai:
Borivali 59 mms, Kandivali 26 mms, Ghatkopar 7 mms,Vagaries 6 mms,  Bhandup 4 mms, Scruz 3 mms, 

Matheran 59 mms, Thane 40 mms.


Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,extreme rains in Panvel currently with gale force winds easily crpssing 50kmph...caused destruction.

sset said...

It is october - still raining over Maharashtra.- world wettest places.
What is the fate of NEM for south east India? For 5 successive years NEM has failed. If this fails again - then India driest places are definitely - Rayalseema and many places over Tamil Nadu - average rain as of now is only 400-500mm compared to GUJ/RAJ - average rain is 800 - 900mm with large access!

Normal Onset, Performance Forecast for Crucial Winter Monsoon over South India

Clerean Pereira said...

When will the monsoon withdraw completely from Mumbai?
Too much of rain will destroy the crops!

Abhijit Modak said...

Thanks Sir for posting. Here sharing mine narration on it:)

The 8th October 2019, Festive DASRA (Badlapur Cloudburst) Rains will always remember to me as special thrilling experience from nature😇

Got to witness very extreme rare event of Cloudburst with gusty cyclonic winds ! So felt like as if was in Cyclone for first 15 mins of spell !⛈🌀

Till 8.30 pm it was normal hazy sky with moon faintly shining overhead from anvil cloud cover and distant lightning were visible on eastern horizon.

Later clouds engulf the sky with cool wind started blowing around 8.45 pm from East which is normal in every Thunderstorm spell.

Then started thundering at 8.50pm with winds continue to increase in intensity so glimpse of violent TS approaching was slowly getting clear but still would be normal 1hr heavy spell was the feeling

At 8.55pm, winds further picked up with gust touching to 55km/hr. and at 8.56pm all of sudden Bursting Rain started which was something unusual means all of sudden 0 visibility intense rain! As normally rain gets started with thick drops or with light to moderate intensity then gradually turns into heavier spell in fewer mins span is the regular process we usually see.

So with this mind boggling intensity it rained 23.4 mm in hardly 3 mins till 8.59pm with winds gust also touched max speed of 83.2km/hr. and rain was further getting intense with all blackout in city with only lightning was light source which was giving feeling of some Hollywood movie scene going on

At 9.05pm it was known that we have seen cloudburst as in this 5 mins (between 8.59pm to 9.05pm) it had poured massively 47.7 mms with Rain Rate intensity clocked to 451.8mm/hr.

Then after 9.05pm, Cloudburst Rain intensity got reduced but still Very Heavy Rain was continuing and produced 32.4 mm in next 15mins! Also due to sudden downdraft burst temp from 27C dropped to 21C in just 15mins.

So in just 23 min got to witness massive 103.5 mms rainfall which is indeed moment to remember for a pluviophile!! And finally Rain stopped after giving 123.6 mms in 1 hr cloudburst spell.

Wednesday 6.30 pm IST