Thursday, June 20, 2019

Posted ThursdayMorning:

South West Monsoon advances into South Konkan as  per Vagaries...Off shore trough and depth of SW winds established with good rain amounts
Jaitapur 200 mms, Rajapur 161 mms, Karwar 131 mms,  Pavas 128 mms, Lanja & Devgad 120 mms. , Gaganbavda 106 mms Ratnagiri 92 mms, Vengurla 96 mms, Patharpunj 79 mms. (Figs from Abhijit Modak)

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NilaY Wankawala said...

Sir indeed a great effort to post us updated on progress of monsoon-

sir although very sluggish kind of start in terms of advancement of SWM, do we see a Major threat for the entire season as of now all over the country? or things will improve and defecit would be covered up later? is it too early to comment?

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