Monday, June 10, 2019

Posted 10th June Afternoon:

AS-1 is now a depression at 11.7N and 71E, with estimated core pressure at 998 mb. 
Expected to strengthen upto Cyclone stage (Vayu) in next 48 hrs and track as shown....

Heavy rains expected off Karnataka coast and in Kerala on 10th and 11th. 
Monsoon likely to be pulled Northwards along Coast...

Mumbai: After 233 direct dry days (223 days dry in 2012), Mumbai got light rains with thunder in some Northern/Central parts of the city on Sunday night. 
Scruz weather station saw 3 mms and Colaba 1 mm of rain.
Rainfall likely to gradually increase by Tuesday. 

Thunder showers in some areas on Monday and more on Tuesday.
Very windy, stormy/gusty winds 50-60 kmph, on Tuesday and Wednesday as AS-1 passes the coast.

Pune: Cloudy with thundery developments on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. Rainfall will vary in different parts of city. Rains may decrease after Wednesday.

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