Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Posted 19th June Wednessday:

Mumbai Water Levels getting Lower:

The lakes levels supplying water to Mumbai are getting lower...with the South West Monsoon getting delayed by the day...

Total Lakes Storage as on 18th June: 

2019:       0.88 lmltrs
2018:       2.15 lmltrs
2017:       2.70.lmltrs

Full Capacity is 14.47 lmltrs...hence today lakes level is at 6% of capacity.
Water supply from Upper Vaitarna is Nil and Bhatsa has 1% supply only available.
City gets .034 lmltrs supply per day...Hence Mumbai has supply of around 30 days (with effective cut).

That is till 20th July 2019.
Now, what is required is the lake s to start filling up as soon as possible so that levels do not deplete.

Mumbai and the lakes got some showers due to the outer band effect from Cyclone Vayu last week...But was not enough to pull up the Monsoon into the city.
Colaba got a total of 127 mms and scruz 165 mms. 
The Seven Lakes supplying water to Mumbai: Upper Vaitarna, Middle Vaitarna, Bhatsa, Modak sagar, Tulsi, Vihar, Tansa.
Rainfall till 18th : Lakes:  Modak Sagar 70 mms, Upper Vaitarna 55 mms,  Bhatsa 52 mms, Tansa  49 mms.
Excerpts from Richa Pinto (Toi)

Mumbai: Not much of improvement till Friday for Mumbai..very occasional showers and sunny periods..

Now, from Friday, we have to wait and see the development of the Low in the Bay. A favourable development will improve the rainfall for Mumbai this weekend. Shall keep posted. Low expected to form by 21st June.


Rains from the remnants of Vayu will Lash Rajasthan..As mentioned and forecasted in the 16th June Posting, 

Pratapgarh 280 mm
Chittorgarh 195 mm
Silt lab 195 mm
Nithauwa 170 mm
Sabla 160 mm
Aspur 155 mm
Jagpura 145 mm 
Udaipur(IMD) 140 mm 
Jaisamand 136 mm
Semari 132 mm

In Gujarat:
Ahamdabad also got 53 mms, Valsad 25 mms, Surat 24 mms 

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