Sunday, June 16, 2019

Posted Sunday 16th Evening:

Map showing the track of Vayu..Actual (Red) and Vagaries' Predicted (Blue)...
Now expected along the broken line and weakening.

With the 200 jet streams showing fast signs of becoming Easterlies upto 20N within 48 hrs, we see a change in the Climate soon...the Low as a remnant of Vayu will activate the off shore west coast trough in 48 hrs, Pulling up the Monsoon with required gradient upto about 20N along Coast in next 2 days........thus giving vigour  to the Monsoon.( May be temporary again...till  the Low develops in the North Bay around 21st.).
For interiors, we have to wait for the Bay Low, as Vagaries feel it will track along the Axis corridor.
Rainfall to now increase in South Rajasthan, West Saurashtra and Kutch for a day..

A North South trough from sikkim to Odisha will bring rains to Odisha and Chattisgarrh next 2 days.

Mumbai: Partly cloudy Monday with rains increasing on Tuesday. Windy during showers.

Pune : Partly cloudy with spotty rains in some parts..warm around 33/34c.


sset said...

For all people who are opposing....

South East India is facing serious successive droughts and desertification. Time for Modi to implement river linking. Tamil Nadu, South Andhra, south east karnataka no water.... All places which are dependent on north east monsoons suffer. Highly unreliable, non extent monsoon NEM - research is required climate change?

As Chennai has faced drought for three years in a row, there is more pressure on the already plummeting groundwater level.

Aks said...

We all read such articles. No need to politicize it.. else one may ask what ahs the local govts done in these 3 years to increase water availability. Pls note that many parts of India are suffering droughts i.e. Marathwada, Vidarbha, Saurashtra etc. So cannot regionalize a general problem. Also, many experts have warned against river linking without proper research and study as it will be disastrous.

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