Tuesday, September 08, 2015

 Triple spectacle on 10th Morning...See Space News Page
A strong thunder shower lashed South Mumbai on Wednesday(9th)morning. Colaba measured 63 mms, Vagaries (Mahalaxmi) 61 mms. Minimum dropped to 23c at Colaba. Rainfall was very much less in the Northern parts of city.

Posted Tuesday 8th Night:
Thunder showers for Mumbai ...and much needed relief from the dry spell and heat. 
Mumbai has good chances of getting thunder showers by late afternoon/evening on Wednesday 9th. Thunder cells will build up in the east of Mumbai, and some cells can drift over the city. 
The entire interior North Konkan area, along with Pune region, can get thunder showers in many areas. More thunder showers on Thursday.
Thunder showers can be expected in Goa also on Wednesday and Thursday.

(In the weekend forecast, Vagaries had put up the possibility by Thursday.) 

It has been hot, and touched 32.6c on Tuesday at Colaba. Just 9 mms at Scruz and 14 mms at Colaba accumulated in September (Till 8th).

IMD has announced SWMonsoon has withdrawn from Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana on 8th..(Vagaries Sunday Post had announced withdrawal for these regions on Sunday Night).


Vinod Desai said...

Sir Isn't this too early for a thunder shower to build.

Rajesh said...

vinod: Thunder showers normally occur when the monsoon starts withdrawing, as a trough forms in the interiors of Mah and Karn. Yes, for mumbai it is early, but i have been mentioning the possibility since last week.I feel, these "hit and miss" storms will last till 25th of this month in Mumbai.

Unknown said...

As per cola, monsoon is making a revival towards the end of the month,isn't it.

sset said...

Again vageries 100% hit. Navi Mumbai all very dark,cloudy all set for routine heavy rains !! Good gains by Marathwada - hopefully sugarcane farming will resume back after ban - MAHARASHTRA is India top number 1 in sugarcane production. Revival is projected even for NW India (very heavy spells)- maybe it is mistake...

anant said...

As usual SSET you are fudging facts


i hope you can discren that UP is number 1 in sugarcane acreage and production . Stop fudging facts which suits you rhetoric .

Regards, Ananth

Sunny Arora said...

Gfs does suggests revival of the monsoon in NW India In a big way. Just like in the year 1988 where IMD called about the withdrawal of the SW monsoon in the first week of September but what followed torrential rains continuously for four days from 23rd September till 28th September.Will never forget the deluge still etched in my memory .

sset said...

Anuji why 1988 so past? recent 2013 extreme falls for GUJ/RAJ during sept monsoon withdrawl... deluge waiting for NW ??? But this will prove disastrous for south India NEM.
Navi Mumbai now thunders...

Rawat said...

Yes it did in 2013. Monsoon recurved into parts of Haryana and Rajasthan.sset is right.

Rajesh said...

Anuj/ sset/ Anoop: for details of the topic you are discussing , see sept 2013 vagaries' explanation here


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