Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Posted Wednesday 9th Sept Night:

Entire South Bengal Reeling under Heatwave :-
Max temps as of 9th Sep 2015 :-

1. Kolkata (Alipur) - 37.2 C (+5)

2. Kolkata (Dumdum) - 37.0 C (+5) (New All time Record for the month of Sept)
3. Digha - 37.1 (+6) (New All time Record for the month of Sept)
4. Diamond Harbour - 37.5 C (+6) (New All Time Record for the month of Sept)
5. Bankura - 37.2 C (+3) (Highest in last 12 years )...Input from Vagarian Santosh Subramanian (Kolkata)

India Outlook for Thursday 10th:

Concentration of heaviest rainfall on Thursday will be in Madhya Maharashtra (Pune, Nasik), Marathwada and Konkan. Heavy falls possible in N.I. Karnataka and adjoining Telengana (Southern).
Light rain likely in Eastern regions of Saurashtra and Surat region.

City Outlook for Thursday 10th:
Mumbai: Possibility of thunder showers in Mumbai. 

It has been a hot day on Wednesday...Max temp
Kolkata (Alipur) - 37.2 C (+5) , Kolkata (Dumdum) - 37.0 C (+5). DumDum breaks its all time record for September, the previous being 36.7c in 1998.
All time Record for Month of September Highest Max stands at 38.9 C for Alipore. ..
Thursday will be a shade cooler, with partly cloudy skies.

The UAC in the Northern Bay will descend as a Low (BB-6) around 11th 0r 12th.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Nice to see Maharashtra getting rains...sir as forecasted by you till 25th mumbai should get good rains may be as you mentioned hit and miss but let's hope more hits less misses..however even today overcast skies but no showers yet borivali dahisar...yesterday morning also didn't receive anything when you had reported heavy thunderstorm lashing SoBo.

Anand said...

will this low help in heavy showers in kolkata. no major rains since last 20~25 days

Vinod Desai said...

Hoping that monsoon revives and it overcomes the deficiency.

Rajesh said...

Lot of discussions are going on in Vagaries blog and forum on the so called "monsoon reset".(Based on certain long term forecasts by agencies).
Vagareis has not mentioned or stated anything to that effect. What vagaries has published is that the SWM will start (and has started) withdrawing from Pakistan and NW India. SWM retreat,(it was mentioned in a post in end August)will possibly slow down after M.P. This was considered looking at the possibility of BB-6.
Next stage withdrawal is set to happen as estimated in Vagaries.
The monsoon withdrawal may slow down after M.P.
BB-6 may from around 12th, and due to High pressure resistance in North , it may track Wes. Rainfall prospects bright for Mah next week.

Rajesh said...

Shall put up new post on this topic and weekend forecast on Thursday Night (It will be late)...:-)
Anand:Kolkata may get some rain on Friday.

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, could you indicate as to when next North Gujarat could expect some spells of rain ? Thanks. Suresh

Rajesh said...

suresh: your answer in blog just updated..Thanks

BB 18 Deep Depression 7th Evening