Friday, September 18, 2015

Updated Friday Night 11 pm IST:

BB-6 will weaken on Saturday as it moves towards North Gujarat. By Sunday, it will be weak, as a Low, spread out over the North Gujarat/Kutch region. 

Rainfall in North Gujarat and Saurashtra till Sunday.(See Forecast Map for Saturday on blog post of Thursday). 
Still expecting heavy rains upto 70 mms or more in Surat.

Rainfall next week (21st September) in North Sub Continent (Punjab,Haryana, Kashmir, HP and North Rajasthan may occur due to WD and moiture  from erstwhile BB-6). More of this next week.

Downpours in Parched Regions...Relief as streams start flowing... 

BB-6 effect on Maharshtra. Moving due West, the system traverses through the main dry and drought regions of Marathwada and Vidharbha. Friday evening, BB-6 was over North Maharashtra (Jalgaon).
Much relief for the farmers as the small streams have started flowing and filled the smallest dams and reservoirs. This will surely raise the water tables, resulting in the local wells' levels rising.

Maharashtra Friday days rains : Till 6.30 pm: 

Khireshwar , Junnar Ghat: 190 mms, Asane 138 mms, Ambegaon 111 mms, 
Budhawadi,Kamshet 165mm ,Wadiwale, Maval 115mm 
Pimpalgaon Joga,Junnar 113mm, Ambegaon 112mm 
Kasar Sai Dam, Mulshi 100mm

Rains till 5.30 pm (Friday) :

Aurangabad 73 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Nasik 77 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Pune 40 mms (Till 8.30 pm), Pune AP 32 mms, 

Ahmedabad 24 mm, Gandhinagar 26 mm (till 8:30 pm), Surat 7 mms (Till 8.30 pm).

Kamshet 163 mms...Pune -Mumbai Express way at Kamshet Tunnel. 

Caution if going that way !
Rainfall on Thursday (17th) day and Night (As on 8.30 am Friday):

Marathwada getting much needed very good rains. Some Heaviest amounts last 24 hrs as on Friday Morning: 
Bharadi 180 mms, Borgaon 160 mms, Jalna 109 mms, Kinwat 103 mms,Sangawi (Parbhani) 98 mms, Phulambri 90 mms, Vadod Bazaar 90 mms and Aurangabad City 85 mms, Harsul (Water Supply Lake ) 61 mms, Gangamasla (Beed) 60 mms.

In Vidharbh
Buldana 128 mms,Akot (Akola) 124 mms, Murtijapur (Akola) 116 mms,Washim 106 mms, Chikhaldhara got 97 mms, Yeotmal 98 mms, Wardha 96 mms, Amraoti 80 mms, Akola 56 mms, Nagpur 45 mms
Madhya Maharashtra:
Mohide (Nandubar) 150 mms, Arthe (Dhule) 143 mms, Malegaon (Nashik) 93 mms, Nashik 35 mms.

Complete List of Rainfall in Maharashtra (From pradeep)

in mm ending 8.30 am on 18.09.2015
Sillod -262, Wakadi - 220
Shendurni - 193, Shindkheda - 180, Bharadi - 180
Aamthana - 180, Patanbori - 170, Pandharkawada - 162
Korpana - 161, Ajintha - 160, Borgaon - 160, Sillod - 158, Mandawa - 157
Kamargaon - 157, Chimthana - 153, Mohide - 150
Khondamali - 148, Deulgaon-City - 147
Wani - 147, Gidhade - 146, Shirajgaon - 145
Rajur - 145, Arthe - 143, Bhalar - 143
Shindola - 140, Deulghat - 138, Zari - 138, Zamani - 138
Dhanora - 137, Punawat - 137, Rasa - 137
Pahur - 136, Shivani - 136, Loni - 135, Shahada - 134
Shirpur - 134, Mahuli - 133, Maregaon - 133, Ranala - 132
Golegaon - 132, Kalamanuri - 132, Shindkhed - 132, Mangrul - 132
Nyahadi - 130, Wagrul - 130, Penganga - 129, Partur - 128, Buladana - 128
Nandgaon - 128, Shembal - 128, Ner - 127, Dhawada - 127
Sakali - 127, Kayar - 127, Shanimandal - 126
Kurhe - 126,Tuljapur - 126, Rajgaon - 125, Khandala - 125
Lonar - 125, Akot - 125, Darvha - 125,Umarkhed - 125


sset said...

Best widespread rains for Marathwada/Madya Maha !!! Tomorrow GUJ will get battered with similar numbers.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Really appreciate troubles and pains that you take to put up updates at regular intervals here.

Rawat said...

Is this repetition of 2013.west Rajasthan set to get heavy rains after SWM withdrawal

Nandan said...

As ur prediction sabarkantha Region today avg rain 25 to 40 much rain chance Saturday and Sunday sabarkantha Region?

Nilesh Ladhad said...

Yes sir, getting rains from late afternoon. Hope, will get some extreme rain tommorow

Vijith Menon said...

rajesh sir- will the lakes for mumbai benefit from current spell, is there anew low forming in bay of bengal?.

please advise.

Unknown said...

Precision is the trademark of your analysis and forecasts. This is corroborated by the fact that even veteran IMD scientists check with vagaries before sharing on social media. So feeling privileged in being connected with you.

sset said...

Anoop pls don't say this.... we south Indians are eagerly waiting for NEM (Rayalseema, entire TN, interiors of KAR).. if this fails then they will become deserts...always SWM plays havoc at the last moment pushing NEM aside.. Places like RAJ / GUJ get dual benefit from SWM and WD and are no longer deserts..

Anyway other sites are hinting on fresh bay low but more towards northern India/ NE India...SWM is back in merry mode

Unknown said...

@sset I made this request earlier too. Please do not categorise this forum into SWM versus NEM. Remember that SWM directly affects Indian agro economy in a very significant wayand it is very deficient so far. Any rains now is only bringing down the deficit and not a surplus. And these rains are badly required by the farmers and the economy. Else we may all have a miserable year ahead on water supply including at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. So henceforth could you refrain from bringing in such comments each time ? All of us always hope that India as a whole gets enough rain to keep all farmers and citizens happy and not just crib about one part of India. Just sit back and understand to appreciate the "vagaries" of the Indian monsoon without unnecessary comparisons. Hope sense prevails. Suresh

anant said...

@ SSET , can you please explain who gave you the right to use "we south Indians" , i am a Tamil , who grew up in karnataka and now i stay in Pune, i want my country to flourish and every part get its due share of rains .

Have you ever ventured out to Aurangabad, Ahmednagar and Sholapur districts ? Which is similar to Cuddapah and Anantpur. As i said earlier , we have accepted your views which are valid , water scarcity in maharastra is largely man made due to excessive sugar cultivation and lack of rain water harvesting and wastage.

Its time you heed to other readers concern about your repetitive monotonous comments.

Regards, Ananth

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