Friday, September 25, 2015

Posted Friday Night:

1.25th September, South West Monsoon Withdraws from Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Kutch and Uttarakhand.

Seasonal Low is weakening, and core, which is at 1002 mb today, weakens to 1004/1006 mb in next 3 days.
Likely withdrawal from West U.P., West M.P. and Gujarat by 28th September.

2. Weather Estimate for the Weekend 26th /27th September: 
Heavy rains in Kerala and Interior T.N.
Moderate thunder showers popping up in rest of T.N, Karnataka, Rayalseema and Goa.

Thunder showers likely in Goa this weekend.
Bangalore will get Thunder showers on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday showers will be heavier, may be between 25-30 mms in the city.

3. A Low pressure area is likely to form in the Andaman Sea (Bay) around 30th September. Initially weak, may deepen to a regular Low and then Well Marked Low, and track NW. Should be tracking towards A.P. coast and the current observations of upper winds show and indicate it crossing A.P. around 4th October.....These Systems, in season's withdrawal stage, are highly "unstable", and depend on the upper winds, which are themselves in a fluctuating mode this time of the year...will keep posting as things and cyclogenesis develops.

Mumbai: Hot and sunny this weekend.  Monday and Tuesday, some thundery developments, with some rains in parts of Mumbai.
Days getting hot after 1st October.

Actual Day Maximum on Friday 25th: Delhi Palam 35c, Mumbai Scruz 32c and Chennai (both stations) 36c, Calcutta DumDum 35.5c.


Dattaraj said...

As predicted by Rajesh's sir, Hyderabad received showers last night. It was heavy in some areas.

Vijayanand said...

Heavy rain in north west bangalore last night. Some areas getting more than 80 mm. It was late night rain around 1.00 am.

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