Thursday, September 24, 2015

Friday 25th September Outlook:

Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Kolkata will be sunny and comparatively hot on Friday. Delhi and Kolkata may reach 35c, while Mumbai will be around 32c.
Chennai will be cloudy and may see some light showers in some parts on Friday, but day at 35c.
Light showers in several areas of Hyderabad on Friday.

Though Karachi will be dry and sunny, SW winds will keep the day around 34c...far better than last week's 42/43c !

Dry in Gujarat and Northern Indian States. Heavy showers in Interior TN and Kerala and S.I. Karnataka.

Vagaries Meeting on Saturday 26th at Upvan Lake, Thane.
Please make it convenient to attend . Inter action will be good and enjoyable. 

Please Note Vagaries App from Play Store is not being supported any more. 
Please visit in your browser since it is now formatted for mobile screens.
To add Vagaries as a short cut to your smart phone home screen, please follow steps as mentioned;
1. Open in Google Chrome.
2. Click on Menu (3 dots in top right corner).
3. Click on "add to home screen"
4. This will create a short cut for vagaries on your home screen.

 If you need assistance, please ask.

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Rajesh said...

Lot of doubts again about another cyclone (the same name as previously rumoured) next week. Vagaries will give and publish its views soon.

Today..15th  Pune : 40.8°c..with thundershowers  Mahabaleshwar 33.0°c Mumbai MMR👇 Mumbai and Interior in line with our weekly estimate. ---...