Thursday, October 03, 2013

2nd Part of NEM Watch ( Advance Parameters)  published on Current Weather Page

Posted on Thursday Afternoon: 

UAC in the West Coast trough is located about 210 kms SW of Mumbai. 
The jet stream Divergence ( UWD) and shear factor have created intense convection in the South and SW quadrant.

Expected to deepen a bit over current location.
Precipitation expected on Thursday over South Konkan and Goa. Heavy at times with gusty winds from SW.
Mumbai will be windy from the S/SE direction. Showers expected by Thursday evening and increasing towards Friday. 

BB-14 has moved North from Vidarbh, and may fizzle out in next 24 hrs over MP/South UP.


Nimish Thaker said...

Which direction is the UAC forecasted to move?


sir an unfamiliar thing heard a thundersound here in mira road when the sky i saw was bit sunny.sir your next forcast

rajesh said...

Kyati: Thunder and rain in Nala Sopara now...given forecast in this very article, now what forecast ?

NT: Not much movement expected next 36 hrs..just a little "stroll" around the place :-)

Unknown said...

Heavy thunderstorm in Vasai. with loud thundering going on.

Unknown said...

ok sir got it from sam sir too.will this uac have a prolong effect or a short lived.due to this may be the withdrawl can be late in mumbai

Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur had long 1 nd half hour huge lightning & loud thundering from 4.45pm to 6.15pm but just drops fallen !! Better were sharp heavy shower at 2.30pm..

Atul P Naik said...

Overcast and intermittent rains in the interior towards the western ghats since morning. Turned heavily overcast in Margao Goa after 3 pm with mild showers and wind from west. Rains stopped after 6 pm.

Abhijit Modak said...

Arabian Sea UAC has produced Rain over Ratnagiri district. So rainfall in mms ending 8.30am today(04-10-2013)

Chiplun 70.1
Dapoli 102.8
Khed 36.8
Gughagar 129.0
Mandangad 6.0
Ratnagiri 61.0
Sangameshwar 41.0
Rajapur 50.0
Lanja 65.0

Atul P Naik said...

Heavy overcast conditions and intermittent rains continue in Goa since early morning.

Unknown said...

Thunderstorm clouds are getting developed in the eastern sky , should get a better thunderstorm today

Unknown said...

sir is the uac away from mumbai because looking at weather in mumbai it looks like the monsoon has withdrawn

Wasim said...

rajesh sir pleaae comment on the likely low pressure to develop over north andaman sea as indicated by imd ?

sset said...

All these events will prove disastrous for NEM. UAC over MAHA if it moves up may result june 1st week kind of massive falls, again clouds over MP, even UP, Orissa. Top of this next low due for arrival @ oct 8/9 - like aircrafts waiting in queue for landing...Usually by mid October southern India should see rains..but no rains since September. Worry dry days for TN/Rayalseema/interiors KAR. TN temperatures are soaring. Past any lows before NEM if lands over Orissa - most probability that any depression (if it happens) during NEM also has same affinity to move towards Orissa/Bangladesh.. TN worries ...

rajesh said...

I have mentioned about the new system from Bay in Friday's NEM Watch (CurrentPage)..but will analyse its movement in Saturday afternoon report

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