Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Special for Mumbai :
Shall try my hand at forecasting and in a way helping citizens to cope with the rains, or rather with the weather. Not too good at it, so help me out if I go wrong.
For Wednessday: It seems the low, at 992 mb. in the bay, is quite concentrated enough to continue pulling moisture from the Arabian Sea, and bring rains to Mumbai, and almost all of Maharashtra on Wednessday. The map in the previous blog illustrates this.
I will try to estimate rains quantum, for that will give a clear picture of assumption and one can get a clearer picture.
Mumbai, city, should expect around 60 -70 mms of rain today ( between 8.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m.). Suburbs can expect 10% more, that is around 80 mms.
Showers will be frequent, with some rather heavy spells during the day.
Water logging possible during afternoon.

Shall update at night.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog and love to read your predictions. Makes much more sense to me than the mindlessly dumb TV or newspaper weather bulletins :-)

Rajesh said...

Thanks. A lot of backing and support is needed from readers like yourself.
This year, with the absence of lows in the bay, the monsoon is too erratic to predict.
Vagaries of the Weather, I suppose. :)

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