Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Wednessday, Mumbai had frequent heavy spells, yes. But not 60 mms. Colaba and S,cruz recorded 11 mms.each. Why ? Well, the rains missed Mumbai "by a whisker", if it can be said. This rainfall map shows the actual rain during the 6 hr. period on Wednessday, from 9.00 a.m.

The rain area is just off Mumbai, in the sea. And, it seems Gujarat coast, and interior Mahatshtra got a good bout of rain instead. IMD reports 292 mms of rain in Veraval, south Gujarat during the day today. Some other interesting heavy rain figures for Wednessday morning for places around Mumbai in cms: Mahabaleshwar-41, Matheran-31, Karjat-30, Santacruz-27, Dharavi, Mahad-25 each, Poladpur, Panvel-23

Rains had totally surrounded Mumbai. And spared it for the day ?

And, the low in the bay has now slipped inland and is over Orissa now. strong westerlies are still prevelent.

On the movement of the low inland, Mumbai should also have got heavy rains, as one reader mentioned. But, good or bad, the rains just by passed the city today.

For the night, I still think, looking at the situation, Mumbai can recieve at least 35 mms , to catch up on my predicted total. :) Some heavy showers during the night can bring the required amount of rain.
For tomorrow, let us study the behaviour and weakness of the erratic low during the next 12 hrs.

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