Thursday, July 05, 2018

Yesterday saw moderate to heavy rain spells in N. Kokan region.
Rainfall variation in Mumbai MMR for past 24 hrs in map format

Maharashtra Ghats section rainfall for past 24hrs in mms ending 8.30am today on 05-07-18:

Tamini 230
Davdi, Mulshi 210
Dungarwadi 200
Lavasa 184
Lonavala 172
Lamaj 171
Bhira 170
Ambone 170
Kumbheri 167
Tapola 166
Matheran 165
Mahabaleshwar 160
Walwan 158
Dajipur 157
Koynanagar 151
Khandala 146
Ahupe 122
Shirgaon,Pune 121
Ghisar 119
Pratapgad 116
Patharpunj 115
Kasari 107
Kitwade 105
Gaganbawda 104
Phondaghat 104
Kumbhi dam 100


sset said...

As usual every year we see for last 5 years Konkan/Maharashtra is becoming wetter and wetter. Maharashtra is in excess ++ zone. No rains in southern India for last 3 weeks. Infact even coastal KAR, KER is losing its earlier gains and becoming normal/defecit. Bangalore / Mysore only 90mm since june. AP / TN very poor rain - looks like drought conditions.

Sarfaraj khan said...

Pls forecast for weekend. Mumbai region

Srivathsa said...

Water Resources Department is not updating the reservoir levels regularly. Any update available on the lake levels?

Vinod Desai said...

No rain in gujarat...North gujarat seems not received anything yet. Sir when can they get some rain..Hope ghat have started getting good rains.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Mumbai lake levels any updates?

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