Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Posted 10th July Night:
Mumbai: Wednesday 11th will see frequent showers in regular intervals. But intensity may be heavy in some showers, but less potential of flooding in Mumbai. Average rainfall on Tuesday (Day) was 75mms, so we can expect 55-75 mms average.
Decreasing rainfall from Wednesday evening /night and Thursday.
May increase again from Friday.

Ahmadabad will get some heavy showers on Wednesday. North Gujarat regions will get heavy rainfall also.

After a hot day on Wednesday, Delhi NCR can expect thundershowers (cooling down the region) on Thursday and Friday.

Marathwada and Interior Madhya Mah will need to wait till 15th July to get meaningful rainfall. We will monitor the movement of the Low which is expected to form in the Bay around 14th.


vikas hunk gay said...

Will West MP will get heavy rain from upcoming low from bay of bengal?

Konkani Don said...

Konkan is 49% excess rains so far. Konkan is turning into wettest spot while North East is rain deficient.

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution