Saturday, July 07, 2018

Overnight saw Heavy Rain in N. Kokan region. Huge rainfall variation between coastal & interior region can be seen in Mumbai MMR rainfall map for today

Overnight massive rains in interior N. Kokan of Thane, Palghar & Raigad dist 

Some rainfall in mms ending 8.30 am today on 07-07-18(Above 100mm):

Kudus, Wada 268
Goregaon, Badlapur 219
Kone, Wada 208
Wasind, Shahapur 195
Sakhar, Jawhar 192
Talwada, Vikramgad 180
Nate, Mahad 164
Khodala, Mokhada 137
Khardi, Shahapur 135
Wakan, Poladpur 125
Mokhada & Padagha, Bhiwandi 121
Titwala, Kalyan 113
Kasa, Dahanu 111
Kondvi, Poladpur 110
Kadav, Karjat 105
Kumbharli, Ambernath 103

Maharashtra's North Ghat section was also lashed by heavy rain

Above both Map by Vagarian Tejas & Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit

Vidarbha region of Maharashtra was also lashed by heavy rain for last 48 hrs period. 

Some rainfall on 7 July ending 8:30 am (Above 150 mm):

Khapari (Nagpur) 347 mm
Songaon (Nagpur) 315 mm
Kanholibara (Nagpur) 301 mm
Nagpur IMD 282 mm
Hingana (Nagpur) 273 mm
Wanadongari (Nagpur) 273 mm
Takalghat (Nagpur) 265 mm
Gumagaon (Nagpur) 250 mm
Hudkeshwar (Nagpur) 220 mm
Korpana (Chandrapur) 211 mm
Kandhali (Wardha) 210 mm
Kelzhar (Wardha) 209 mm
Wadi (Nagpur) 206 mm
Gadchandur (Chandrapur) 200 mm
Hinganghat (Wardha) 200 mm
Bela (Nagpur) 199 mm
Parashivani (Nagpur) 193 mm
Sitabardi (Nagpur) 185 mm
Vaygaon (Wardha) 185 mm
Adegaon (Nagpur) 176 mm
Patan (Chandrapur) 170 mm
Ramtek (Nagpur) 170 mm
Chimur (Chandrapur) 167 mm
Jivati (Chandrapur) 165 mm
Wagholi (Wardha) 161 mm
Pachagaon (Nagpur) 153 mm
Samudrapur (Wardha) 143 mm

Vidarbha region rainfall on 6 July ending 8:30 am (Above 100 mm)

Sirsi (Nagpur) 216 mm
Umared (Nagpur) 178 mm
Kargaon (Nagpur) 140 mm
Hewanti (Nagpur) 135 mm
Nand (Nagpur) 135 mm
Pavani (Bhandara) 115 mm
Bhiwapur (Nagpur) 111 mm
Mauda (Nagpur) 111 mm
Pachgaon (Nagpur) 110 mm
Bamni (Gadchiroli) 109 mm
Asgaon (Bhandara) 106 mm
Kondha (Bhandara) 104 mm

Vidarbha Rainfall info credit to Vagarian Shivkumar


sset said...

Never ending torrential rains for Maharashtra. Low pressure forms over North Bay... IMD again has EXTENDED RED ALERT for KONKAN next week also! No sun only rain,rain,cold winds...

Karan Kumbhar said...

Sir , what is your forecast for the weekend and the next week?
When will it be put up?

sset said...

Beautiful heavy forested Vaitarna dam and lake must be overflowing!

Sarvesh said...

less rains in nashik

Karan Kumbhar said...

Red alert has also been issued for coastal Karnataka and SI Karnataka for whole of next 5days.
Guess you missed that.

sset said...

I had been Vaitarna last week - just heaven on earth - entire route is so scenic, mountains,waterfalls,streams,dense forest... scotland

Rawat said...

Parts of northwest india sizzle. Tomorrow maybe even hotter

Vinod Desai said...

How is agumbe to visit at present.
It has got lot of rains.

sset said...

Entire annual rain for Maharashtra will complete by July itself. 5th successive year of excess++ rains-- guess wetter than Amazon rainforest! Bhiwandi Thane seems to have received > 300mm what is happening? Lucky state interiors are receiving excellent rains!

sset said...

Vinod : My preference is Maharashtra Konkan/ghats are more beautiful to visit than KARNATAKA coast/ghats. Personally I have not visited Augumbe - but recent reports indicate huge loss of trees and no effort by KAR government for much required tree plantation and infrastructure development. Same goes to Caurvery Kodagu/Chickamagallur - you can see vast barren lands. 10-20 years back Augumbe used to be SWM topper (on many occasions). Now as you have seen for recent 10 years MAHARASHTRA Konkan regions are always topper.
Even though I am from south (driest Rayalseema/Anantapur district) Maharashtra is natures delight!

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