Monday, July 09, 2018

Tuesday 10th,  Daytime rainfall in Mumbai was marginally less than Monday...In 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm, SCruz measured 111 mms and Colaba 39 mms (Average 75 mms). 

Total Water Storage available in all Mumbai Lakes combined is 5.50 lmltrs. That is 38% level is stored and available.

Posted Monday 9th July Night:

Mumbai City and surroundings received very frequent showers and heavy showers on Monday 9th....With Colaba measuring 110 mms and Scruz measuring  79 mms in the 12 hrs daytime from 8.30 am-8.30 pm. (Average 95 mms.)
More Areas rainfall in same period on Monday: Borivali West  76 mms, Andheri 51 mms, Chembur 40 mms, Kings Circle 81 mms.( average 60 mms.)

Mumbai City: Tuesday will see intermittent spells of heavy rainfall. Initial pre noon flooding possible in some parts. In terms of measure however the rains will be less than the amount of rain  of Monday. Heavy rains expected in Northern outer townships on Monday night.
Frequent heavy spells with continued intensity in rainfall on Wednesday.
However, Mumbai will see fresh spells from Friday 13th July. Fresh increase likely this weekend in Roha and Nagothane regions.

A low pressure is likely to form in the Bay off Odisha coast by the 13th/14th of July. Likely track will be W/NW, and will benefit Central India and Gujarat from 15th onwards...more later.

Lakes supplying water to Mumbai position as received from authorities:
Sir,    Good Morning,  
*Rainfall  and Level Report* at 6 am
Date : 09.07.2018
*Rainfall in mm* *(Daily / Season's rainfall)*
*Tansa* : 09.00 / 923.00 
*Modaksagar* :17.00 /988.00 
*Bhatsa*  : 15.00 / 857.00 
*Upper Vait.* : 05.00 /744.00 
*Middle Vait* : 03.00 /782.00

*Level in Meters* (+Rise / - Fall) 
*Tansa* :125.175(+0.177 M) 
*Modaksagar* :160.044 (+ 0.161m)
*Bhatsa* : 119.32 (+0.47m)
*Upper Vait.* : 597.19 (+0.09m)
*Middle Vait.* : 264.60 (+0.60m) 

A. S. RAO,


shiekhz said...

West means some hope for us...

VISHWAS said...

Very heavy rain in here santacruz

Srivathsa said...

184 mm of rain recorded at Santa Cruz. About 820mm already in the first 10 days of July.

Unfortunately the WRD no longer updates the reservoir status for Mumbai lakes daily as was the case last year.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Inspite of very good rains in mumbai and surroindings all over india defecit stll recording cumulative defecit of 8.8% till 9th july 2018.source IMD.

Thanks for update on lake area rainfall figures.

sset said...

Guess 2018 monsoon from june 10 - july 10 must be most volatile and vigorous for last 10-20 years. In 1 month around 1600mm has rained over Mumbai - Thane/Navi Mumbai must be much more and must have reached 2000mm +. Mumbai now exceed Mangalore rain. Thanks Vagaries (Rajesh/Abhijeet) for including Belapur in map- seems to be most wettest spot in Navi Mumbai - all hills and rains....
When will rains stop ??

Unknown said...

Thanks Rajesh for your update. May I request if during the monsoon, you could update us atleast once in 2 days, barring any personal constraints you may have,

We need your sane voice to help us. Otherwise we are forced to read the rants of one blogger who repeats his comments from the last 100 years. Always about one region. And illogical comparisons. Unfortunately dents the credibility of the readers of this excellent site of yours with an international following.



What's the average of rains for month of july.. .did Mumbai near to cross one

Khan Gazanfar said...

When rain will stop?


When Will Mumbai rains decrease and get respite from rains

sset said...

Mumbai has crossed june and july both averages. Nearing almost 1000mm in 10 days of july! Looks like it will cross its annual rain by july itself.

sset said...

Seems Vishnu Sudarshan Chakra is now over GUJARAT so all bloggers should be happy.

Every passing year Maharashtra is receiving increasing excess rains - SWM period is extending till early November- NEM period is decreasing resulting in continuous drought for Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution