Friday, July 27, 2018

Posted 27th July:
Heavy rains lashed parts of West U.P. and Delhi region last 24 hrs. The interaction of UAC embedded in the axis, as explained in the   21st July post here on Vagaries.
Meerut saw 74 ms till 8.30 am and 147 mms in 9 hrs after 8.30 am on Friday.
Agra saw 115 mms as on 24 hrs ended 26th morning and another 63 mms as on 27th morning.
Mungeshpur 61 mms, Jafarpur 58 mms, Narela 54 mms,  Lodhi Road measured 52 mms, Pusa 51 mms, Gurgaon 50 mms, Ridge 46 mms, Ayanagar 42 on 27th morning.

Delhi measured 46 mms at S'jung and 37 mms at Palam for 24 hrs ended 27th morning. Thursday Max temperatures were 29c and 28c at S'jung and Palam.  Friday day was at 28c at both IMD stations. 27c at Delhi University. As expected below 30c.

Delhi NCR: Showers with moderate intensity continues into the weekend, rainfall decreasing after Sunday.
System not effecting Sindh region of Pakistan.

Not much of meaningful rains next few days till the 31st of July, daily about 5 mms of rains expected. 
Hence, with Scruz still 70 mms short seems difficult in breaking the existing record of touching 2000 mms total before 30th July.
The lakes supplying water to Mumbai show a cumulative storage of 1202 Mcum, 82 % and  320 days supply.

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NilaY Wankawala said...

Lake levels update is always wellcome sir. Was very hopeful 2018 may create fastest 2000 in mumbai but as you forecast now it seems impossible.

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