Monday, June 27, 2016

Some Rainfall Amounts as on 29th Morning (last 24 hrs) from Vagarians:

From Pradeep John:

From Patel Ankit:
Rainfall figures from gujarat saurastra in last 24 hours...
Choryasi(surat) 125 mm
Netrang(bharuch) 116 mm
Umergam(valsad) 78 mm
Bhesan (junagadh) 74 mm
Gir Gadhda (Gir somnath) 65mm

From Shivkumar Mogal:
Jalgaon district ( Maharashtra) rainfall ended at 8:30 am 29th. 
Lasur 199 mm
Chopada 196 mm
Chahardi 185 mm
Hated 179 mm
Paladhi 143 mm
Bhokar 142 mm
Pimprala 119 mm
Dharangaon 113 mm
Ringangaon 112 mm
Sonwad 95 mm
Pimpri 93 mm
Salsa 80 mm
Mhaswad 76.4 mm
Chandsar 75 mm
Erandol 71 mm
Marwad 71 mm
Gorgawale 68 mm
Adawad 62 mm
Shelave 60 mm
Galan 55 mm.

Nashik district rainfall ending 8:30 am 29th 
Dindori (Dindori) 74mm
Deopur (Sinnar) 62.2 mm
Mulher (Baglan) 51 mm
Andarsul (Yeola) 34 mm
Sinnar (Sinnar) 26 mm
Wander (Chandwad) 24.4 mm
Jalgaon (Yeola) 20.2 mm
Manmad (Nandgaon) 20 mm

Today's Pics from Porbundar and Karachi sent by Vagarians...on Reader's Page
Check Vagaries Goa Updated...

Heavy rains in Delhi NCR ..Ranging from 10-56 mms.
Pic from Gurgaon by Parikshit Srivastava

Compiled By Vagarian Tejas

Maharashtra Water position as on today 27-06-2016
Maharashtra overall available live water storage is on only 9% as of today.

Division wise storage:

Konkan 28%
Nagpur 16%
Amravati 11%
Other Dam's 9%
Nashik 8%
Pune 7%
Marathwada 1% 

Mega cities available water as on today: 

Mumbai overall dams storage is on 20%.

Thane District all cities water supplying dams storage:
Barvi dam 9% 
Andhra dam 6%

Mumbai & Thane District water supplying dams rainfall from 1st June 2016 till today (27-06-2016):

Vihar 665mm
Tulshi 614mm
Modaksagar 169mm
Bhatsa 165mm
Tansa 165mm
Barvi 128mm
Middle Vaitarna 79mm
Andhra,Maval 79mm
Upper Vaitarna 65mm

Except Vihar & Tulshi rainfall (as it is on coastal) .. Rest other dams rainfall looks like 24hrs rainfall figure !! 

Some Ghat section (near Mumbai) rainfall, from 1st June till today (27-06-2016):

Bhira 437mm
Mulshi 360mm
Mahabaleshwar 311mm
Khandala 279mm
Bhimashankar 190mm
Lavasa 188mm
Lonavala 185mm
Igatpuri 153mm

So in short interior N.Konkan & Ghat section yet to pick up !!


NilaY Wankawala said...

So its rain rain everywhere in city suburbs but water no where....situation looks grim as on today hope it picks up as you have mentioned yet to pick up...

Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh sir- when will we see the heavy non stop rains in the ghat and dam areas?!

Rajesh said...

vijith: Ihave analysed till Wednesday...will put up in a day. But seems that BB-2 will not help

Unknown said...

Why sir bb2 will not help

Unknown said...

The same behavior noticed also in karnataka. The coastal cities have got near normal and excess rainfall. But the ghat section have received only 25-30% of normal rain. That is very serious.

Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh Sir - the low in BOB is over Telengana now?? moving westwards.
If so will this give rains to the ghats and dam areas?.
The BOB shows heavy cloud cover over andhra coast?.
Is there any low pressure area forming??
Your views.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,extremely heavy rains in nagothane,my town,from tuesday 3:30am without any break,the rivers are about to overflow .whats your forecast sir for my roha region and mumbai?

Rajesh said...

Vijith: Currently as on Tuesday morning the Low is still off the North AP coast. Clouding extends to Telengana and adjoining regions. As expected, the rains are moving in the track.

As BB-2 is expected to fizzle out, we may not expect too much improvement in the interior peninsula.

abizer: I think you can continue to get heavy rains till late afternoon. ( commented at 12 noon)

sset said...

2014 june was much worse but overall monsoon was good.
Anyway MAHA Konkan continuous to be winner with excess. "Harnai" crosses 1500mm marks highest in west coast. With almost daily 3 digit rains and few more days for june it is remarkable. Actually average is just 700mm almost 3 time normal. Mumbai exceeds june average...

Karnataka in middle of water scarcity

Poor farmers in interiors still need to wait....

Zohair said...

Superb work again sir, sir do we still have chances?

Srivathsa said...

Another 100+ mm day for SCZ. 682mm for the season and 1 day to go. Average of almost 65mm everyday since 20th when rains started in right earnest.

Unknown said...

Bhagamandala in coorg recorded 26 cms yesterday

Unknown said...

SSET stop misinformation in the blog. Ghat section in all western states are facing deficient rains. Avoid untrue information on the blog.

Rajesh said...

Zohair: Inflow of moist air from the System in the Arabian Sea along Sindh coast, penetrated deep into Western Pakistan. This caused thunder storms and rain in Balochistan and parts of sindh. It was this reason why Vagaries put a "yellow" shade for Balochistan in its forecast.

If another weak UAC forms on the Northern tip of the Indian west coast trough (and tilted towards the West), Karachi may see light rains again on Saturday. It may take a couple of days for another UAC to form.

Rajesh said...

Zohair: Karachi may see some rain , though much less, on Wednesday .

Unknown said...

BHAGAMANDALA recorded 266 mm yesterday. KARNATAKA GHAT SECTION getting good rains for the last 2 days.

Unknown said...

Karnataka in middle of water scarcity

Please stop these kinds of deliberate message by SSET to belittle places.

Rajesh said...

News from Jawad Memon (Karachi): KARACHI yesterday rain gauge:


Abhijit Modak said...

Harnai coastal town is just 90kms straight distance from Mahabaleshwar (an Sahyadri western ghat) is getting daily centuries, double & triple also..

And with this Harnai June total stands on 1731mm till today & Mahabaleshwar on other hand June total is just on 408mm till today😱 So this is called Vagaries of the weather !!

With this Harnai is excess by 1000mm & Mahabaleshwar deficit by -500mm😁

Maharashtra Sahyadri ghats mainly from Mahabaleshwar to Igatpuri stretch are really struggling this June as not a single day century yet from stations like Mahabaleshwar, Mulshi, Lonavala,Lavasa,Khandala,Bhimashankar, Malshej ghat & Igatpuri !! This is affecting on dam levels of Mumbai,Thane, Pune & Nashik region as whole June has passed but not a single % rise in water levels !!

anant said...

Hi Vijay,

I raised the same concern a month back, indicating that viewers come to comments section to look at local weather updates, interesting queries and suggestions.

Its a pity that this person has hijacked the comments with his one point agenda , anyone else would have got the message and stopped this long back. Sorry if it offends Rajesh, but please take notice of this and request you to put an end to this .

Regards, Ananth

Evewrest said...

Solid rains in the Coastal Karnataka, Karnataka ghats, Coastal Konkan and even Wayanad and Idukki (highlands in Kerala). Agumbe total for June is almost back to its normal level as of today.

However, interior Konkan and Maharashtra ghats are not getting as much rain as they should be by now. All the interior HRF stations like Mahabaleshwar, Gaganbawda, Sangameshwar, Matheran and Valpoi have had lesser rainfall than the coastal ones. The only reason I can think of is that the winds have not been able to push the rains properly all the way into the ghats till now.

On the other hand, Cherrapunji and Mawsynram are having a disaster of a June. With only 1048 mm of rain till today, Cherrapunji is officially a scanty rainfall territory with a deficit of more than 60% till date for the monsoon period.

Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh Sir - As per IMD another low pressure likely in 24hrs in BOB - will this low give heavy rains in ghats and Dam area?.
What about Interior Karnataka as there also the dams are going dry?

This seems to a case till now as all west coast are having heavy rains and interiors less rains.

All Intl models predicting complete decline of El nino (Nino 3.4 is now -0.2c) and enhance rainfall activity.

Your thoughts sir on July rains.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Why isn't interior Maharashtra getting desired rains...
Usually bay systems enhance activities over Maharashtra.... however nothing like that seems to be happening as of now...
When is strong LPA expected in bay

Rajesh said...

Karan/vijith/ewerest: I see no major increase in the ghats section of Mah. and Karntak in the next 3/4 days. No Low is coming from the Bay in next 3/4 days.
As we know, a good system from the Bay , when it moves inland towards Central India or Central Peninsula, there is a major gush of moisture laden winds from the Arabian sea towards the Ghats.
This time we see the West Coast trough active. But deeper penetration inland is lacking and weak.

BB-2 has produced good rains in Vidharbh and Marathwada.

anant: I am not feeling offended with any comment or remark. Its just that i allow everyone to freely put his/her thoghts about the weather.i dont know sset personally, but he has been commenting on vagaries for the last 7/8 years now.

Unknown said...

Sir, Rainfall figures from Pimpri to Galan are not from Nashik district. They are from jalgaon district. Please correct it.

Rajesh said...

Shivkumar: It is showing in Jalgaon Dst...Not shown in Nashik

Unknown said...

Hello Rajesh,

How does the forecast for Mumbai look for the next few days till the weekend ?


Abhijit Modak said...

Rajesh Sir, I m hopeful of Maha ghats section rain may increase between 1-3 July. As Arabian system hindrance getting clear up from tomorrow so good westerlies inflow will get increase from surface to 700 hpa level & later on 500hpa also possibly.. Also it would be much much needed rainfall for dams inflow to increase which are on lowest level yet.

Unknown said...

Sir what is the forecast for Mumbai for next few days

VISHWAS said...

after long day of Sunny morning in Mumbai...

Unknown said...

I told to Abhijit for correction. He corrected it.

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

any new system for East M.P , Jabalpur`s June total rain is 95 MM Only .

Posted 27th January  The first  Low (BB 1) from the Bay..forming today. The simultaneous W.D. will prevail in the Northern Regions. So, BB ...