Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Maharashtra Water position as on today 15-06-2016

Maharashtra overall available live water storage is on only 9% as of today.

Division wise storage:

Konkan 29%
Nagpur 17%
Amravati 10%
Other Dam's 10%
Nashik 9%
Pune 7%
Marathwada 1% 

Mega cities available water as on today: 

Mumbai overall dams storage is on 21%.

Thane District all cities water supplying dams storage:
Barvi dam 11% 
Andhra dam 7%

Mumbai water supplying dams rainfall from 1st June till today(15-06-2016) : 

Tulshi 36mm
Vihar 23mm
Bhatsa 15mm
Modaksagar 5mm
Middle Vaitarna 3mm
Tansa 1mm
Upper Vaitarna 0

Thane Dist water supplying dams rainfall from 1st June till today(15-06-2016): 

Barvi, Badlapur 14mm
Andhra,Maval 10mm

First half of June is already over but as the Monsoon has not set over Maharashtra(except extreme S.Kokan coast) so above map shows how most of the districts in the state falls under scanty & deficit zone as per RMC Mumbai's Rainfall map.


Unknown said...

i Feel Rains will revive soon over Mumbai and Maharashtra. with very heavy rains round the corner by next week for sure

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,rains will be very heavy on 20-22nd you agree?what do you think?will it rain torrentially in north konkan?your forecast is an important initial for me.

sset said...

IMD forecast -> extreme rains for entire MAHA Saturday onwards.. Mumbai on alert.. Bay low advances west + AS offshore trough moves north.
If we recollect 2014 june was dry but july 2014 was wettest ever recorded -> Mumbai received more than 1500mm of rain just in july itself with most of lakes overflowing rest of months is history... So late monsoon arrival is of no reason to worry....

sset said...

south konkan & Goa excellent 3 digit 24hrs rains for multiple days...

Vijay Kumar said...

Nice post.

Today..15th  Pune : 40.8°c..with thundershowers  Mahabaleshwar 33.0°c Mumbai MMR👇 Mumbai and Interior in line with our weekly estimate. ---...