Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Thundery Developments around Mumbai...Posted at 10.15 pm IST Tuesday Night 5th May...

Heavy lightening in Mumbai...and thundering heard regularly here in South Mumbai...IPL match stopped due to lightening "scare"..and drizzles

Lightening around Matheran Hills ...pic by Abhijit

Rains in Pune and mahableshwar and also reports from Lonavala...
Vagaries Goa measured 30 mms  in 35 mins ....and Lightening in Mumbai Skies....Tuesday Night....

Pune had showers in some parts...The IMD station measured 4 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm Tuesday.
Thunder Showers with hails reported from Mahableshwar..

 Badlapur...Tuesday Evevning...from Abhijit

Thundery Developmemt in Mumbai...Tuesday..from Salil

Thunder Showers expected on Wednesday in Pune, Mahableshwar and South Madhya Maharshtra. South Konkan can get showers. Mumbai will see thundery developments in the Eastern sky, but may not get rains on Wednesday 6th May. Eastern townships can get dust storm and thunder showers.


Unknown said...

Today evening, Thunderclouds were developed in Eastern skies here in dapoli and weather turned bit cloudy after that. But still it didn't rained here as Thunderclouds moved away towards South East direction. Sir, When Thunderclouds will change its direction moving from East to west givings rains to coastal konkan also???

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir ,it rained in panvel and some parts of gujarat also.its very hot in madhya and north gujarat .when is relief expected will it come after 10 may in forms of rain.please sir share your opinion abot this rains in gujarat.thanks in advance

Unknown said...

Kerala is facing rains from last month almost everday so is these rains are pre monsoon rains??

rajesh said...

Raj: Generally, always, the thunder clouds forming inland in the east of Mumbai always move east or NE. It depends on the upper winds (to a small extent) and more on thermals caused by daytime land heating.

abizer: Gujarat rains yesterday were scattered and caused by daytime heating. Due to available moisture, we saw some developments. I might expect rains in Mumbai region next Wed...but will put up on Sunday or Monday.

megh: Surely theses are pre monsoon rains..heavy as the intensity is stregthened by a UAC in the trough along the peninsula..soon i will try and put up a statitical comparison of pre monsoon rains in kerala and monsoon arrival...my study

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