Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vagaries Monsoon Progress: South West Monsoon Advances into South Western Parts of Sri Lanka on 28th May.....

A weak off shore West coast trough forms around 2nd June...Monsoon Likely to advance as a feeble current into Kerala  around 3rd June.

Kolkata and Mumbai Monsoon progress , as yet, will be as per dates given in Estimated progress Map (see right side).
Initial Pre Monsoon Showers expected in South Konkan around 3rd/4th June and North Konkan and Mumbai around 5th/6th June

The Extreme Heat spell has lessened its grip over Telengana and AP....But maintains its hold over Odisha.
Heat Wave likely to continue till Saturday in Odisha and Vidharbha,

Western Disturbance moves into Northern Pakistan on 31st May and into Northern India on 1st June...precipitation likely in Northern Sub Continent regions.

Heavier Thundershowers in Bangalore from 30th May...

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