Sunday, July 20, 2014

Posted Sunday Night:

Major Developments:

Monday 21st: The current UAC over Odisha (on Sunday) is expected to track Westwards . The upper air trough subsequently formed, will guide the UAC westwards, and as it tracks west, it may form a Line of Wind discontinuity within the trough on Monday 21st. IF this materialises, then very heavy rains can be expected in Eastern/Central MP...roughly covering the regions around Jabalpur and Bhopal. 
Anyway, good precipitation is expected on Monday in Central MP and parts of adjoining Vidharbh.

Tuesday 22nd: The system tracks westwards towards West MP/Gujarat and SE Rajasthan.
Would expect heavy rains in Central MP and Bhopal and Ujjain regions. North Maharshtra sees an increase in rains.

Wednesday 23rd, we can most likely get rains in Northern Gujarat region and parts of Kutch. Saurashtra gets some showers along with Coastal South Gujarat.
Increase in rains along Konkan and Goa from Tuesday night.
Adjoining parts of SE Sindh becomes cloudy with some patches getting thunder showers.

The  areas East of the system gradually reducing in precipitation.

Mumbai gets some on/off showers on Monday. Tuesday evening rains increasing and Wednesday getting intermittent heavy showers. again, 30-40 mms on Tuesday night/Wednesday.75 mms in 2 days
Pune: Showers on Tuesday accumulating 12-15 mms in the day.

Delhi NCR will have to wait till Thursday for major meaningful rains to restart. Days may rise to 2 days.

Couple of showers for Kolkata and rain generally decreasing.

Rains increasing again in Surat from Tuesday night.

Southern Peninsula (Bangalore) sees no major change next 3 days...maybe getting drier.

Pakistan: Sibbi was 44c on Balochstan and parts of Sindh still hot. 
After Monday 21st, till Wednesay, Parts of SE Sindh will be cloudy and in some patches thunder showers can be expected on Tuesday Night and Wednesday. 
Upper Punjab region of Pakistan adjoining Kashmir region may get isolated rains in some pockets .


Vinod Desai said...

Hello Sir,

Can we expect mumbai to get 300mm+ in next 10 days. I mean by end of July.

anant said...

I wonder if the mumbai doppler will be repaired in time


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