Monday, July 21, 2014

Mawsynaram leads the All India SWM Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2014 to 15.07.2014

This year SWM Toppers are giving a bleak picture compared to last 4 years race. The stand out performer is Mawsynaram which is leading the 2nd place Cherrapunji by 1000 mm, which is still in deficit. But the rains in Karnataka and Maharashtra have picked up after 15th July. Hence, watchout for the month end toppers. There would be drastic change in the toppers.

min 1500 mm

1. Mawsynaram, Meghayala  - 4450
2. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 3514
3. Talacauvery, Karnataka - 2311
4. Panbari, Assam, - 1950
5. Kuttiyadi, Kerala - 1928
6. Hulikal, Karnataka - 1909
7. Pookot, Kerala  - 1825
8. Gokarna, Karnataka - 1817
9. Suralbhi, Karnataka - 1770
10. Yadur, Karnataka - 1746
11. Agumbe, Karnataka - 1724
12. Mastikatte, Karnataka - 1723
13. Nilkund, Karnataka - 1708
14. Kogar, Karnataka - 1704
15. Mani Dam, Karnataka - 1652
16. Kollur, Karnataka - 1650
17. Bhagamandala, Karnataka - 1620
18. Pambla, Kerala - 1582
19. Malvan, Maharashtra - 1530
20. Margao, Goa - 1517
21. William Nagar, Meghlaya - 1502
22. Uloor II, Karnataka ~ 1500
23. Gersoppa, Karnataka ~ 1500
24. Amboli, Maharashtra ~ 1500
25. Rongo, West Bengal ~ 1500
26. Amagaon, Karnataka - 1445 (till 14th)


Unknown said...

mahabaleshwar is at 1648.9 mm

Hrishikesh said...

Extreme. dark red area on wundermap over Mumbai but only light rain in Mumbai sir what is the reason? Do we expect more rain by evening?

SVT said...

@Rajesh Any reason why its rained so little in Mumbai with this current bay low?

Rajesh said...

As explained system is more of a UAC. And after crossing East MP a swirl of dry upper air started wrapping round the system in the western quadrant. The Clouding remained comparatively Warner and not cold as normal. The hydro estimate remained low. Result. . Much less precipitation.

Hrishikesh said...

So sir what do we expect in coming days?

sset said...

Myself was also wondering same. Yesterday satellite image was intense dense mass over entire MAHA - more prominent over Mumbai -was expecting 2005 kind of 1000mm rain over Mumbai. But good already Mumbai is already rain socked, lack of sunlight - thanks to Rajesh sir prediction - it may not happen...
But Mahabaleshwar is roaring like jet - every day dump of 200,300mm.. soon it may cross 2000mm.
Will monsoon revive over SE India? Interiors of South? or need to wait till NEM monsoon - which is 95% failure???

Rajesh said...

Mahableshwar crosses 2000 mms and totals around 2225 mms . Indore saw 97 mms on Wed till 8.30pm. Surat also as expected saw more than 50 mms...several places along route of upper trough got rains as predicted...
Nagpur got 2days in excess of 100 mms and cold days at 24c.

Unknown said...

sir any updates for kerala? how lng will these rains last?

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