Tuesday, September 10, 2013

 Karntaka: Brief Report of SWM Performance 

Karnataka Top 5 till 12.09.13..( data from Pradeep)
1. Hulikal - 8437 mm 2. Mastikatte - 8107 mm 3. Amgaon - 7988 mm till 31.08.13 4. Suralbhi - 7468 mm 5. Agumbe - 7352 mm

Interior Karnataka rainfall this SW Monsoon is doing well, and is in excess. As on 12th September, S.I.K. is in excess by 35%, having received 344 mms against a normal of 254 mms, and N.I.K. is excess by 13%, having received 440 mms against 390 mms. 

The best part of the rains were in this month (September) itself. N.I.K. received 96  mms so far this month, against a normal rain of 40  mms, thus being 134 % excess for September. While for S.I.K, it was 120  mms against 33 mms and excess of 261 %.

Bangalore (Urban) is doing well this year. Having actually received (till 12th September) 344 mms against a normal of 255 mms (+35%). And Bangalore (Rural) actually got 409 mms against 328 mms, excess of 25%. Best performer is Mandya District, showing 55% excess.
Bangalore Diagram with Daily and seasonal rain:

The overall State average is also +14%.
So, with more to come this month, Karnataka is reaping a good harvest from SWM.

New ! Tamil Nadu Climate Averages for 2013..See Rohit's Page

Report posted on Tuesday, 10th:

On Wednesday11th:
The UAC enters the Arabian Sea via Konkan, and can strengthen the West Coast trough (for a couple of days)...
On Wednesday 11th September:

The UAC enters the Arabian Sea in the South Konkan region. Thus, the west coast trough gets activated. 
Another East-West trough at 925 mb level and 850 mb levels, runs from North TN coast to Central Bay.
Thunder showers will occur in Konkan, Madhya Maharshtra, N.I.Karnataka and Northern TamilNadu.
Orissa and Kolkata can get thunder showers on Wednesday.
Regions to watch out for heavy rains: Entire Madhya Maharashtra belt (Nasik-Pune-Kolhapur-Sangli), adjoining N.I.Karnataka, Goa and parts of North TN.

Mumbai: Light showers in some parts early morning. NE winds in the day. By evening, Thunder showers, heavy in some parts. Outer townships will develop thunder storms by evening.
Since these thunder showers are generally localised and in concentarated areas, rainfall amounts will vary upto 30 mms. More in outer townships.

Pune: Thunder showers in many parts of city and surrounding regions. Many areas will get upto 25-30 mms of rain.

Chennai: Thunder showers in some parts of the city and outer regions. Rains may increase from night. Upto 20-25 mms (avg) expected by Thursday morning.

Delhi NCR: As the axis goes South, Easterly winds will prevail over the region. Some moisture may bring a few showers in some pockets in NCR.

Thursday 12th/Friday 13th: SWM may withdraw from some more parts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.
The monsoon axis slides southwards towards the Central India region. With the high pressure at 850 mb, and reducing UTH, it becomes favourable for the SWM to withdraw from regions in Northern and NW India on Thursday.

An UAC/low pressure may form of the North AP coast. This would be embedded in the trough mentioned in the Wednesday narration.

Thunder showers continue on Thursday in Madhya Mah/Goa and int North Karnataka, but on a reduced scale. Konkan will get thunder showers.

Mumbai: Cloudy day, and thunder showers by evening in many parts of city. Decreasing thunder shower intensity in outer townships.

Pune: Thursday will also see showers in some areas, but chances of showers on Friday are less.

Chennai: Thunder showers in many parts , and rainfall amounts increasing over Wednesday . On Thursday, it will be cloudy and daytime showers will keep the day temperature lower. Rain amount will be around 35 mms by Friday morning. Friday some showers again, but rains reducing by night.

Pic taken by Tejas Baxi from Borivali,Mumbai on Tuesday evening

Follow up of Monday and Tuesday weather events:

The UAC is currently over Interior Southern AP, but  the associated upper level trough in the SW, of the system extends upto Madhya Mah.
The trough, is likely to extend  into the Arabian Sea.

On Monday, good rainfall was recorded in N.I.Karnataka. Prominent amongst them were around the region identified by vagaries.
Karadi (Bagalkot, N.I.Karntaka) 165 mms, Hunasgi (Gulbarga, N.I.Karntaka) 128 mms, Kakkera 119 (Gulbarga) 119 mms, Gajendragad (Gadag, N.I.Karnataka) 93 mms, Jegerkal (Raichur) 53 mms.
In Tamil Nadu, Nagapattinum, Thanjvur and Cuddalore regions got good rains on Monday.Chennai, showers by evening/night. Tuesday again, as per estimate, and the rains moved Westwards and concentrated in S.Madhya Mah and adjoining Karnataka, almost obeying the forecast.(Circled Area)

Mumbai and outer townships also got thunder showers. Rains lashed Pune and Mahableshwar.
Details and rain amounts will appear tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Super rains lashing chennai city. 2cm within 10mins.still continuing. RR almost touched 200mm/hr

Anonymous said...

Now 33mm in 17mins.. Still pouring very heavily

Anonymous said...

Rainfall over chennai region upto 5.30AM
sholinganallur- 133mm
guindy(anna university)-114mm

Krishnakumar Bulusu said...


Great job may i know from where you have recorded these readings...

Great summer(june-sep) rains for chennai and chennai AP in particular ...chennai AP so far guess crossed 60 cms and we have one full rainy season to go...
keeping my fingers crossed for NE monsoon..

any idea on intensity of the NE monsoon.


Abhijit said...

Rainfall figures from Mumbai's eastern outer townships in mm ending 8.30am today(11-09-2013)

Kalyan 42.0
Shahapur 26.0
Ulhasnagar 46.4
Ambernath 29.4
Barvi(Badlapur) 35.0
Karjat 79.0
Panvel 78.0
Khalapur 63.0

Abhijit said...

Coastal rainfall around Mumbai in mm ending 8.30am today(11-09-2013):

Palghar 29.0
Vasai 5.0
Alibaug 14.0
Uran 12.0
Colaba 8.4
Vagaries 4.5
Santacruz 3.9

rajesh said...

karthik: i have put up more on current weather page, received from PJ.
Your comments are welcome and informative. Request you put in your name (Karthik) rather than multiple names..it gets too complicated ..Thanks

Nimish Thaker said...

The Mumbai radar shows all 'red' in the precipitation view indicating intense amounts of rainfalls occurring in pockets around Mumbai. Considering the large drop in pressure, Mumbai could be in for a whooper of a Storm tonight

sam khan said...

It has already turned stormy in Vasai, looks like todays storn will be on a heavier side. later in the evening.

Anonymous said...

@rajesh, thanks.. you can call me karthik. i kept my display name as jon but its not getting reflected ere

Anonymous said...

@krishnakumar, its available in IMD AWS


sam khan said...

thundering has commenced in Vasai

Nimish Thaker said...

Light / medium rains with continuous thunder at Juhu - SCZ

Nimish Thaker said...

The rains started at 5:00 PM at Juhu with thunder, rains were mostly light / medium. However, few minutes back the rain intensity has increased with much increase in lightning and really loud thunder. It is now raining and thundering for close to 1 hr. 45 minutes

vel72 said...

OMG Schools are closed in chennai tom due to rains... normally this happen only in NEM time...

Abhijit said...

Heavy Thunderstorm rain lashed Badlapur for hour period.

sam khan said...

Rains were heavy in Vikhroli and Bhandup area eastern suburbs of Mumbai.

Nimish Thaker said...

Rains started again in Juhu around 10 min back. There appears to be a distinct drop in the temperature here, very similar to what we see in October Thunderstorms.

sset said...

Just like yesterday MAHA under intense cloud. As per vageries prediction Pune indeed received exactly 75mm of rain!!! Guess by end of monsoon pune may reach 800-950mm. 2012 pune received around 250mm-300mm during monsoon withdrawl.

Abhijit said...

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(12-09-2013)

Colaba 25.1mm
Santacruz 5.8mm
Vihar(Mumbai) 8.0mm
Tulshi(Mumbai) 7.0mm
Alibaugh 5.0mm
Uran 9.0mm
Panvel 13.0mm
Karjat 4.0mm
Vasai 2.0mm
Bhiwandi 25.0mm
Thane 5.0mm
Murbad 58.0mm
Kalyan 29.0mm
Ambernath 11.2mm
Barvi(Badlapur) 37.0mm

Atul Naik said...

Thunderstorm lashing parts of Goa. Beginning 2 pm. Almost an hour into it now at Margao, with no let up. Bit unusual this time of the year. Mostly occurs in October!

Abhijit said...

Torrential Thunderstorm Rain lashing Badlapur. 1 huge lightening strike (grounded) just 300 metre away from mine home . Mine ear still buzzing !!

Dattaraj Joshi said...

I think this year SW monsoon will withdraw 15 days early and NE too will set in early. Wind direction, kind of weather appears like that in mid Oct.

sam khan said...

Thunderclouds have started gathering in Vasai.mild thundering could be heard from far

sam khan said...

Thundering is getting louder and frequent in Vasai, also getting darker n darker

Nimish Thaker said...

Just checked the Mumbai Radar, I noticed that one large cloud is appearing to have gone higher than 18 KM!! This is between Dahanu and Nashik. The rain dashboard shows complete 'Red' in that region, I am guessing it must be quite a storm there.

Abhijit said...

Heavy rain started in Badlapur from NE with lighting & thundering.

rajesh said...

yes guys, its October type weather like you mention...but its the SWM withdrawal process, and as you have seen in vagaries, the SWm has started withdrawal from NW.
It may be a bit early, but should be around 25th september for complete withdrawal for Mumbai and Maharshtra.
I am just keeping a watch on the possible formation of a low in the Arabian Sea around 22nd Sept..

Abhijit said...

Powerful Thunderstorm lashed Pawna Dam, Pimpri as recorded massive 165 mms rain in just 3hrs period between 5pm to 8pm yesterday evening. It is located South of Lonavala & NW of Pune.

Dam was already full so 10,700 cusec water was released immediately in Pavana river & warning was issued for low lying areas near river bank.

Abhijit said...

Bhatghar Dam near Bhor south of Pune also recorded massive 160mm rain ending 8.30am today from Thunderstorm yesterday evening.

Vinod said...

Why such thunderstorm not occuring in mumbai.

Vinod said...

Why such thunderstorm not occuring in mumbai.

Abhijit said...

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(13-09-2013)

Colaba 2.2mm
Santacruz 2.8mm
Vihar(Mumbai) 2.0mm
Tulshi(Mumbai) 2.0mm
Alibaugh 4.0mm
Panvel 6.4mm
Karjat 10.0mm
Vasai 3.0mm
Palghar 8.8mm
Bhiwandi 28.0mm
Shahapur 40.0mm
Murbad 36.0mm
Thane 5.2mm
Kalyan 27.0mm
Ulhasnagar 32.0mm
Ambernath 7.3mm
Barvi(Badlapur) 26.0mm

Abhijit said...

With 32mm rain today, Ulhasnagar crosses 3000mm mark with 3022 mms rain recorded from 1 June - 13 Sept 2013.

Abhijit said...

Severe Thunderstorm lashed Badlapur for 40mins.Torrential rain, huge lightening strikes with severe thunder sound.

sam khan said...

abhijit is lucky to receive these storms vasai and mumbai always left out with only mild showers

abizer Kachwala said...

weather in nagothane raigad i€s sunny at around 5 pm now. no thunders€torm cchance€s today.

Puneet Bangera said...

Thunderstorm also lashed Dombivli with continuous Torrential rains , Huge lightening strikes with severe thunder sound.I was not able to sit near windows & watch out the rain as Huge Vertical Lightning was continuously flashing with Burst of Thunder Sounds.And we are getting Heavy rains here for the fifth consecutive days.

sam khan said...

useless thunderstorm had come to Vasai with no rain

Abhijit said...

Pune recorded 15mm & Nashik 14mm rain till 8.30pm today.

Posted Wednesday evening : BB 8 tracks over M. P. Bringing good rainfall.  East MP 5-16 vms, West M. P up to 12 cms and a good 4-16 cms ...