Friday, July 26, 2013

BB-7 still over Jharkhand as on Saturday evening. UAC moves over Rajasthan.
Heavy rainfall in forecasted regions forecasted on Saturday : Malda and Bhopal 4 cms, Udapur,Chittorgarh, Rewa (Udaipur Dist) and Rewa 3 cms..Posted Saturday Night

Required To break Fastest 2000 mms Record for Mumbai Scruz: 58 mms in 3 days !

Weekend Outlook for 27th and 28th July:

The short lived BB-7 , now over Northern Bay, will move W/NW into MP. Short lived, as it is expected to fizzle out by Sunday over MP. Weak because it is likely to contain its precipitation over a smaller region. 
It may not even activate the west coast trough.
This sytem, BB-7, (dont know whether I should number it at all), will keep the axis a bit South of its normal position.
But, as mentioned, if it fizzles out, and only an UAC survives as a remnant, then the axis moves North again from Monday.

West coast shore trough may tend to weaken from next week, and in absence of any system in Bay, East Coast trough would not exist.

A chance of A Low forming in Bay on 1st August.

27th Saturday, as the system moves inland, : Heavy rains expected over Northern Chattisgarh and adjoining East MP. Districts of Itarsi will be affected. The Itarsi-Amravati line  will recieve the maximum rains.
Due to upper air vortex, Udaipur district or nearby regions can get heavy rains on saturday evening.
Moderate rains over North Konkan and Coastal Karnataka (40-60 mms) in many places.

28th Sunday, heavy rains shifts West into MP, with heavy falls in MP. Districts of Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain face heavy showers.

Nagpur gets showers increasing on Sunday. Some heavy and with thunder. 25-30 mms possible.

Mumbai: 4/5 showers, of 5-10 minutes durations, so passing types.Rain amounts 20-25 mms.
Sunday: Occasional showers, but decreasing by night. Rain amount 10-15 mms.
Rainfall decreasing from Monday.
Pune will be cloudy with light showers in some parts on Saturday, and decreasing rain with partly sunny day (warmer) on Sunday.

Surat will get few passing showers on Saturday, but a marginal increase in rains on Sunday, with Sunday measuring upto 25-30 mms.

No meaningfull rains and hot in Chennai
No real good news for Bangalore. With not much of rain seen this weekend.

Delhi too gets the odd scanty shower in some parts. But rainfall increasing on Monday.
For Kolkata, this "couple of Thunder Showers" trend continues in the weekend, with upto 20 mms/day.

Some Spot thundershowers possible in a few palces for interior Sindh. Karachi has an odd chance of a shower on Sunday evening. Dadu/Nawabshah/Sukkur or vicinity can get a thunder storm in the evening.

Friday's Maximum Temperatures

Lake Levels om Mumbai Page Jayesh Mehta

Hulikal crosses 5000 mm in just 53 days and analysis of fastest 5000 mm in last 5 years...Published today. See Pradeep's Page


Nilesh Ladhad said...

BB-7 is shortlived or weak, it causes rain in Sambalpur since more than 24 hours.

Neeraj said...

Nepal - and Kathmandu forecast ?

Anonymous said...

Menawali village (Wai , Satara dist -MH) .. 240 kms from Mumbai via expressway..

This village is a favourite shooting spot for movies..

Located around 3-4 hrs drive from Mumbai and 31 kms east of Mahabaleshwar ; it has proximity , anonymity and good views of the deccan plains , western ghats and Krishna river (Dhom dam is nearby)..

The most important part is weather - > Located at an altitude of 750 mtrs and close to the western ghats on the lee side , it enjoys a fine ,dry,mostly sunny climate during most times of the year (nights are always comfortable to cool)
Jan : 28 /13 .. May: 35 /22 .. Aug : 25 /21 .. Oct : 30 /18 ..Annual rain : 80-90 cms..

The village has a 'wada' built by the Peshwa statesman ' Nana Phadnavis' ..

Some of the recent movies shot here -
a) 2003 film Gangaajal was shot here as 'Tejpur'
b) 2004 film Swades was shot here as 'Charanpur'
c) 2011 film Singham was shot here as 'Shivgad'
d) 2012 film Bol Bachchan was shot here

Tyrone said...

Rajesh is the UAC over rajastan the one that could give some rains tomorrow in Khi? Hoping.we.get some rains from this USC at least....

Rajesh said...

Nilesh: Sambalpur recieved 26.4 mms as omn 8.30 am Saturday..Total 336 mms.

Neeraj:Khatmandu has been recieving fairly good showers last couple of days..around 25 mms. Expect a 2 day decrease, and increase again with thunder showers from Tuesday evening.

Tyrone:UAC is remanant of BB-6, so expecting it to be pushed by BB-7, as a weak UAC into Sindh and KHI can get rain...chances :-)

SVT said...

I think now we require 52 mm in 2 days for fastest to 2000mm. Sunday promise to be showery but eventually we may fall short by 20 odd mm for 2000.

emkay said...

Mumbai may rw a revised estimate, trough not progressing much northwards and maybe offshore trough strength may still be there

Outlook for next week till Thursday 29th February: Temperatures expected to rise across Maharashtra and Gujarat. Chance of thunderstorms for...