Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(18-07-2013)

Colaba 21.7mm
Santacruz 55.6mm
Vagaries 19.1mm
Vihar(Mumbai) 53.0mm
Tulshi(Mumbai) 117.0mm
Alibaugh 27.0mm
Uran 42.0mm
Panvel 70.6mm
Karjat 152.5mm
Khalapur 99.0mm
Vasai 60.0mm
Thane 106.6mm
Bhivandi 60.0mm
Kalyan 56.0mm
Ulhasnagar 76.6mm
Ambernath 82.6mm
Barvi(Badlapur) 109.0mm

Posted by Abhijit Modak
Some more  rains around Mumbai as on Tuesday Morning:  Mumbra 122 mms, Virar47 mms, Badlapur 71 mms,  Karnala Sanctuary 56 mms, Manor (Beach) 40 mms, Murbad 46 mms.

Daily Lake Levels compiled by Jayesh Mehta also Put Up


Abhijit Modak said...

Stations around Mumbai who crossed 200 cm mark from 1 June 2013 till today for this SWM season are :

Tulshi(Mumbai) 275.5 cms
Karjat 221.4 cms
Barvi(Badlapur) 209.4 cms

SVT said...

@Rajesh Any idea why we dont get Depressions in Bay of bengal btw june to september anymore. I remember few years back we used to get atleast 2-3 depressions in peak monsoon season. Any reasons for lack of depressions during monsoon last few years?

SVT said...
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Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...