Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hulikal crosses 5000 mm in just 53 days and analysis of fastest 5000 mm in last 5 years...Published today. See Pradeep's Page 

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(24-07-2013)

Colaba 218.6mm
Santacruz 215.6mm
Vagaries 175.0mm
Alibaugh 124.0mm
Uran 257.0mm
Panvel 215.8mm
Karjat 111.3mm
Khalapur 154.0mm
Vasai 56.0mm
Thane 111.4mm
Bhivandi 95.0mm
Murbad 71.2mm
Shahapur 72.0mm
Kalyan 85.0mm
Ulhasnagar 154.4mm
Ambernath 95.5mm

 Posted by Abhijit


Anonymous said...

Tamhini @ 34 cms :) .. 24 hrs ending 8.30 am ..24 July 2013

Ron said...

The mumbai radar is quite erratic stops working in between and sometimes even says radar under test...

Anonymous said...

The ultimate paradox (as is played almost every year) ..Vagaries of weather at best.. Rain at Mumbai SCZ ->

Jan - May : 0 cms ..( trace rain recorded in May .. which seemed to have evaporated before hitting the ground) ..

Jun - Jul till now : 190 cms ..

sset said...

Rohitji if you expect every month for Mumbai to receive rain then we have 2 options (a)Mumbai becomes amazon rain forest (probably with still more extreme rains (b)Persistent SWM will make NEM disappear/negligible due to which TN, interior KAR, south AP will become deserts (anyway even now there is risk at many places). We never know what nature has in its mind...By this time who knows BB6s sibling BB7 may be brewing to cause another dump of 300-400mm for entire MAHA.
By the way raining non stop in NAVI MUMBAI.

sset said...

We are amused by Rajesh sirs choicest words while framing blog - "fulcrum" is actually physics word supporting lever - simple machines. Great in this weather context this word really fits well.

Rohitji now it looks like not only TAMINI, but many other places in MAHA may overtake KAR TALACAUVERY/AUGUMBE.

anant said...

SSET : Will you ever post anything which we never knew hither before ?

Anonymous said...

As a weather enthusiast i always believe in facts,synoptic charts and figures rather than 'exaggerations of mind ' ..

Figures reveal the truth ..for Eg. some place in interior peninsula may get rains(cms) as->
24 - 36 - 24 ..
(pre monsoon- monsoons - post monsoons).. that's a 'bottled off' version of rains ..half the world will vie for such figures ;)

sset said...

not sure if my interpretation is correct or incorrect - cola model
Friday/Saturday seems to be very wet for GUJ (100mm - 250mm) of rain, apparently Saturday another low may approach towards MAHA. Actually on all this maps interior of south shows no trace of any rain.

Just wondering how is pressure model interpreted, because last week MAHA/GUJ showed some 900mb and this week it made landfall..

Avijit said...

what are the lake levels, have they started overflowing?

Avijit said...

what are the lake levels, have they started overflowing?

Unknown said...

Mr Rajesh, it's a good informative weather related site. The Monsoon's in India and specially along the west coast seem's to "FALL REAL HARD" very wet indeed.Our Arizona Monsoon's are not that heavy, we even sometimes get flood's in 50mm rain.You guy's must be really enjoying the rain's. good luck to you guy's.

Unknown said...

Mumbai ,konkan interior Maharashtra and South Gujrat,might experience another moderate wet weather this weekend.

Abhijit Modak said...

Yesterday's some 24hrs period high rainfall figures from Int. Maharashtra ending 8.30am of 24-07-2013:

Lonar(Buldhana dist) 419mm

Mantha(Jalna dist) 183.8mm

Himayat Nagar(Nanded Dist) 116.0mm
Mahur(Nanded dist) 101.5mm

Jintur (Parbhani Dist) 104.0mm

Audha(Hingoli dist) 108.2mm
Sengaon (Hingoli dist) 116.5mm

Risod(Washim dist) 117.0mm

Mohagaon(Yavatmal dist) 120.0mm

Vinod Desai said...

This is good news for marathwada

Abhijit Modak said...

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(25-07-2013)

Colaba 35.3mm
Santacruz 28.2mm
Vagaries 51.0mm
Alibaugh 26.1mm
Uran 67.0mm
Panvel 84.0mm
Karjat 152.9mm
Khalapur 92.0mm
Vasai 21.0mm
Thane 35.0mm
Bhivandi 57.0mm
Murbad 43.0mm
Shahapur 18.2mm
Kalyan 50.0mm
Ulhasnagar 33.4mm
Ambernath 54.2mm

Rajesh said...

Avijit: Lake levels are mentioned and updated daily in Vagaries on Mumbai Page..

Shawn ferns: tes, its raining too much in Monsoon season..see the 53 days rain amounts being put up today

Pradeep said...


Tamini has already overtaken Agumbe and Talacauvery. But cannot over Take Hulikal or Mashtikatte.

Unknown said...

Mumbai will see another wet weekend

Vinod Desai said...

So sam would it be +150mm for sat and sun for mumbai.

sset said...

Another low BB7 in pipeline.
This is the most extreme monsoon for MAHA- MARATHWADA,VIDARBH,MADYA MAHA,KONKAN all super excess...MARATHWADA multiple times received 24 hrs rains in 200-300mm range and with recent figure 400mm also has entered!!
Rain eludes like last 2 years interiors of south. By end of this SWM - Marathwada average will be 8 times Interior south India. By the way with it rained only 1mm in last 5 days in BANG.
rain figures since 01 june
BANG-250mm, MYSORE-150mm, MANDYA-60mm. News is Kolar, tumkur, anantpur/hindupur districts are in very bad state.

Unknown said...

Yes Vinod, i personally feel looking at the current weather condition favourable for heavy rain's during Fri-Sat-Sun in Mumbai together should see more then 150mm .

Vijayanand said...

SSET : KRS AND KABINI are full. Water is being let out to TN. So much for a desert....hahhahah

Btw, this july virtually every day it has rained in bangalore.

Vijayanand said...
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Nilesh Ladhad said...

light drizle early morning changes to light rain at 9.00 am. Now moderate rain since 10 am. Frequency gradualy increasing, hopin 4 heavy rains!!!

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...