Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Mumbai in for the fastest 2000 mms ever ? Will it beat the previous record of 60 days this year ?

Mumbai Santa Cruz total rain 1935 mms till 26th July Morning.

Will this year be the earliest 2000 mm (fastest) ever ? 
The current record for the fastest 2000 mms at Santa Cruz was in 1965, when it touched 2000 mms on 30th July, in 60 days. Followed by 2005 when the total was surpassed on 31st July, in 61 days.

Short this year by 65 mms and 4 days to go to beat the record for fastest ever 2000 mms !

Colaba, just for the records, has crossed 2000 mms by July 3 times. In 1886, 1907 and 1991. But, we are still way behind for this station to cross 2000 mms by July end.

Records Recovery by Pradeep and Vagaries.

Lake Levels om Mumbai Page Jayesh Mehta

Hulikal crosses 5000 mm in just 53 days and analysis of fastest 5000 mm in last 5 years...Published today. See Pradeep's Page


Vishal said...

last 2 days have been remarkably dry in Goregaon Malad area. Some short spell in night but days have been particularly dry.

sset said...

Good Mumbai is having perfect Scottish/Swedish climate - all hill dense forest full green, green velvet grass every where, all streams/rivers/lakes/waterfalls overflowing, only thing we are missing is cows/sheeps grazing in meadows. MAHA is now cold.
Pradeep - guess this Bay low (BB7) is tending it move northeast, MAHA can get some respite for at least few days. By the way in Blogs you have mentioned Nilgiris received good rains - but ooty/Kodai show deficient rains. You are right NE states show alternate patterns, guess if they are deficient MAHA gets battered.

sset said...

Vijay - for information, interiors of AP,KAR show a very peculiar pattern, for instance KAR - Kabini/KRS are receiving water from western ghats which flows interior, so interiors as such are not receiving measurable rains (check from IMD regional - Chennai). So with risk in lack of rain in interiors (SE interior - where neither SWM or NEM touches major cities are in this region), all regions have to depend on Cauvery. BANG/MYS water is most expensive commodity - lack of lakes in city Cauvery water has to be pumped 1000ft above sea level. Rains are mere drizzles 1mm-5mm will do no good - ground water is not found even below 1000ft in almost all places of BANG and all lakes are occupied by real estates - again dependency on Cauvery- lack of "in place rain". Due to this even RWH will not work as rains are not in force. We have done lots of study on this and our group had lots of argument with BDA,BBMP,BANG - but no use. Even if you see past 5 years stats - BANG/MYS have not even received normal 600mm-800mm yearly SWM rains (which 20years back they had).

Nimish Thaker said...

sset - if you are missing cows / sheeps in the concrete jungle (you are right it's quite a dense jungle) of Mumbai you may want to drive down a few roads - I can bet you will find cows, you may struggle to find sheeps though.

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