Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Vagaries has become Interactive with its Readers"!

Pics clicked on Tuesday evening from my cell. Dark clouds over the Mumbai coast, with thunder cells.

My mailbox is receiving an absolute positive response from readers since the last few days, and they feel it would be a good idea to share views with all.
In fact, I have started receiving some exceptionally good weather pics.

And am putting up some, right away !

The first "slot" will be pics sent by Akshay Deoras from Nagpur. These are excellent pics from Akshay, himself a meteorologist.

In Akshay's words:
"The first one is a massive Vortex system that built up from clouds which appears like a tornado since Cape was very high with shears to shape it
It was taken at Leh and as you also had been there you might be able to notice the exact location."

"Second one is a photo of Rainshaft of a thunderstorm. It was taken from a Local Severe Weather Chase."

"Third one is water logging in my area in Nagpur after heavy rains on 4th Sept 10"


Akshay Deoras said...

Good to see those photos. If possible you can mention my blog address just below my introduction so that people can directly view large size images

For tips on your new idea of Space Weather forecast you can contact me. I have started it since last many weeks

Good look of the blog

Milind P said...

Pressure will fall to 997 mb around 18th and while the fall is on from today it will give rains in Nagpur on 15/16 sept 2010. Good to see your interest in Meteorology....................Milind Phadke +919890317557

  Posted 21st October A   Western Disturbance is  to affect  North India starting October 22. This system will have an effect over the hilly...