Sunday, September 12, 2010

It would more like it to make our "vagaries" more interactive by direct participation from you readers. Would like it if you can post a 2-liner snippet, or a photograph of some weather event in your neighbourhood, or some interesting event you would like to share.
I would prefer some local weather event, like heavy rains/lightning/road flooding/storm/outdoor scenes. Personal feeds would be more informal and friendly, rather than pasting articles from elsewhere.

You could email me directly at: / for reproducing on "vagaries".

We could also add a new dimension to "vagaries" by regularly putting up "Space News".
I would like readers to participate and contribute events in outer-space to "vagaries". This can be done by emailing the link to me and it will be put up giving credit to the sender. (Sender must in turn give credit to the source).
From the readers, I would like to have an honest feedback, if this addition is appreciated.

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