Friday, May 14, 2021

Posted 14th May 11.45 pm IST

The latest image of Cyclone "Tauktae" 
This type of an unorganized cyclone  (at this stage of initial formation) has been noticed by me after along not remember  when in last  5 decades.
Shows more convective clouding and organized bands in the West. 
Reason...Low level convergence in the Southwest of the center and there is an Easterly Shear delaying the convection.
Steering ridge at 12.5N.
Recently convection has built-up to the  North of the cyclone.
Shown the TPW image earlier which shows good intensification chances.
Hoping to see a proper cyclonic formation, without the dominating wind Shear.(VWS 25-30 knots)


shiekhz said...

Hello Rajesh Sir,is iy going to make landfall over kuch?

pravin said...

Which software is used for viewing the system

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