Wednesday, May 12, 2021

 Posted 12th May ..11.30 am:

Region of convection over Central Arabian Sea is developing and shifting Eastwards. Vortex currently shows vertical wind shear in the region, but low VWS in the South- East of the region.

Hence , a Well Marked Low will form off the Kerala Coast around the 14th. Due to warm seas at 30/31c, high TCHP and MJO, intensification will be to Depression stage within 24/36hrs of forming.

Cyclone "Tauktae" to form in favourable environment by 16th/17th, off  North Karnataka/Goa coast.

Cyclone will then track North/North-West towards the  Coastal Sindh region.

Very Heavy rains and gusty winds in Kerala on 14th/15th. Coastal Karnataka on 16th/17th with gusty winds.

Goa: Very Heavy rains , maybe 100 mms with very gusty winds, 50-60 kmph on 16th/17th. 

South Konkan, where the Cyclone will graze by, may not have direct hit, but heavy rains and windy conditions  (winds around 35-45 kmph) from 15-17th and less on 18th.

North Konkan, Mumbai, will most likely not get a direct hit, but cyclonic condition winds at 30-40 kmph. on 16th/17th.That is gusty winds with moderate rainfall on 16th, 17th.

Pune: Light to moderate rains on 15th/16th. But strong gusty winds .

As the storm is likely to turn track, Surat and Bharuch will get moderate showers on 16th/17th with wind gusts.

This is the latest scenario (12th ), may change according to changes in parameters.


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MAHA / GUJ has become hotspots for June May cyclones....
Last Year Mumbai had Nisarga !

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