Friday, May 31, 2019

Mumbai Lake Levels as on 31st May 2019: In Mls
Modak Sagar 44462, Tansa 14777, Middle Vaitarna 36072, Bhatsa 47853, Vihar 1576, Tulsi 2269
Total 147010....Supply per day is 3450 ( after the cut), so Stock only till around 15th July.
Info from Jayesh Mehta Posted Friday 31st May Evening:

The South West Monsoon has advanced into the Maldives area and the Andaman Sea.
It is likely to move into Sri Lanka by 3rd June as a weak current.
Monsoon current may then intensify from 4th , and Kerala could have hopes of Monsoon arrival by 6th June. A low pressure may form in the Lakshdweep region around 6th June.
Further push into Coastal Karnataka likely after 6th June...and South West Monsoon may enter Coastal Karnataka around 7th June. 
Possible chance of current weakening a bit then.( For a few days).

{Next 4 days:
Mumbai: Partly cloudy, with very humid conditions. Temperatures around 34c, but the real feel will be around 41c. Light rain and drizzles possible in some parts of city on 3rd and 4th June. Regular Monsoon onset not before 14th June as explained earlier.

Pune: Hot at 37/38c. Very windy. There has been a total absence of any pre monsoon thunder activity in Pune in May....Unusually dry and hot. First pre monsoon showers not expected before 4th June.

Mahableshwar: An unusually dry and hot May this year for this Hill Station. With 0 mm of rain, it is the driest May in more than 10 years. This Station should normally get around 50 mms in May. The day temperatures which should normally be around 29c, are hovering around 34c ! ...and no relief seen in the next 4 days.}


Heat Wave in major parts of North, North West, Central India and Central Peninsula continues.

On 31st Friday, Sri Ganganagar 49.6c (Record for this place is 50c in 1934), Churu 48.5c,  Jabalpur 46.8c (All time high), Rewa 46.8c, Nagpur 46.5c,  Chandrapur 46c, Agra saw a high of 45.5c, 

The 10 Hottest Spots in the World  Recording of all stations is of 31st May. Heet and Banda 
is 30th May...
1Heet (Iraq)
2Jacobabad (Pakistan)50.1°C
3Ganganagar (India)
4Churu (India)
5Banda (India)
6Matam (Senegal)48°C
7Bahawalnagar (Pakistan)
8Nowgong (India)47.2°C
9Rohri (Pakistan)
10Sibi (Pakistan)47.1°C

Actual Readings at 14.30 Friday in the Heat Wave Regios (Not Max)


Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

Rajesh Sir

Thanks for knowledgeable updates on Monsoon .
Any relief for Jabalpur (East M.P ) ,
this year extreme hot for the region .
When will pre monsoon activity start in central india ?

Thanks & Regards

NilaY Wankawala said...

Very informative monsoon updates from Rajesh sir, very valuable inputs from Jayesh Mehta for lake levels @ Mumbai. One gets all information regarding rains here at the blog @ touch of ones fingertips.

Wednesday 6.30 pm IST