Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Posted Tuesday 14th Afternoon:

Delhi NCR received Thunder showers and squall after a long "Heat Gap" of 10 days. Last showers before this spell were on May 3rd. 
A series of 2/3 Western Disturbances are causing these storms. 
NCR will be getting the thunder showers a with rain for the next 2/3 evenings due to these WDs.

Entire NW and North India and Himalayan regions will get rains for next 2 days. Temperatures will drop and attain "some comfort levels'" by dropping below 40c. Last night S'jung saw a minimum of 20.8c.
Many parts of Kashmir got rains...with Gulmarg minimum dropping to 3c.
This Anomaly Map shows it all
Kerala is getting its Pre Monsoon showers, which had peaked in end of April.
Reorganization of the cross Equatorial winds south of the Equator is in process. The Somali Current is yet to form and attain strength. Thereby delaying the Aabian Sea Branch.
 But the Bay Branch is expected to bring the South West Monsoon to South Andamans by 20th/21st May.
Next  4 days:
Mumbai:  Partly cloudy, especially at night. Humid and sweaty conditions at Max 34c and min 26c.

Pune: Partly cloudy evenings. Hot day at 39/40c and nightts around 21/22c.

The 10 Hottest places in the World: 
1Matam (Senegal)
2Chandrapur (India)
3Bramhapuri (India)
4Chauk (Myanmar)
5Jacobabad (Pakistan)
6Nawabshah (Pakistan)
7Kedougou (Senegal)
8Nagpur Sonegaon (India)44.5°C
9Tambacounda (Senegal)
10Durg (India)

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Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks for update on latest weather conditions for north india. Please update on rain possibility for uttarkand next 3 days.

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