Monday, May 20, 2019

Posted 21st May ...Afternoon:
Getting Favourable for Maldives next 2 days...(as per Point no 5...Below)

Posted 20th May Afternoon:

1. South West Monsoon has advanced into South Andamans on 18th May 2019.
To advance into rest of Andaman regions by 22nd May, and progress into the region by 23rd.

2. A "stubborn" Anti Cyclone siting and sea level in the Arabian Sea, and spreading as a Ridge Westwards at upper levels, will bring Heat wave conditions in Vidharbh and Telengana from 20th -24th May. Temperatures in the concerned cities will be between 46/47c.. Touching 48c in a few places.

3.Western Disturbance M-5 likely to cover the Northern and NW plains of Sub Continent on 23rd/24th.

5. South West Monsoon winds in the Arabian Sea will gather strength , though partially, around the Maldives Region in the next 2 days. Upper Jet winds likely to get conducive.

Next 4 days:
Mumbai:  Partly cloudy, with sea breeze commencing post noon. Humidifying the atmosphere to sweaty and discomfort levels. Max temperature will be around 35c and minimum 26/27c.  Real feel may cross 40c.
City expected to get pre monsoon showers around 1st week of June.

Pune: Warm, very warm at 40c. Nights showing a 18-20c drop to show a minimum of 22c. Pre monsoon thunder showers likely by month end.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Nice update sir. Sir how about goa tieards last week of may? Sir A request- can you forecast goa weather on these days?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Due to 5th point, it seems major premonsoon activity around NWTN\SIK\Bangalore expected in 2nd half of week

Rajesh said...

Nilay: Goa this week will be hot and humid, with high humidity at 80-90%. Slight drizzle posiible in some parts on 23/24 May.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Sir , So nice of you for such a quick reply- I am obliged- Thanks a ton.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Overall, Pre monsoon rain have remain very much subdued in Southern india. Hope it revives from 23rd of May.

Rawat said...

North west India heading towards heatwaves end of may?

Prathamesh Bhagwat said...

When u r releasing #MonsoonWatch - 5

Pratik said...

Hi sir,Eagerly waiting for your next updates on monsoon advancr parameters analysis and especially for mumbai....

Sarfaraj khan said...

Rajesh sir... Can u pls forecast the upcoming weather for Mumbai region and premonsoon start date also.

 Sunday Night.. 17th Heavy showers in Nasik & Jalgaon..  And in West U. P. and NCR (Posts of 11th & 15th)