Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Posted 1st May Evening:

 Date :  01 MAY 2019    Time :   121500 UTC
      Lat :   14:36:30 N     Lon :   84:02:51 E

              CI#       Pressure       Estimated max
              5.0       965.1mb        165 kmph

   Centre Temp : -77.2C    Cloud Region Temp : -70.7C

The major convection is over the Western semi Circle Quadrant of the system.
Fani will track along the path shown below, along the Western Periphery of the STR..
Favourable conditions will allow the system to intensify, and peak at 200 kmph in the next 24-36 hrs.
Expected to weaken after crossing 20N line

Cyclone Grazing coast near Puri...expected Landfall near Baleshwar


Akshay said...

Monsoon watch ????

Rajesh Kumar said...

Monsoon watch sir..

Rajesh Kumar said...

Unknown said...

No update on fani???

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