Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Posted Tuesday Noon:

Very Severe Cyclonic Storm "Fani":

Date :  30 APR 2019    Time :   064500 UTC
      Lat :   12:31:17 N     Lon :   85:50:45 E

         CI /       Pressure/        Vmax
         4.6         975.8mb        79.6kt

Center Temp : -81.4C    Cloud Region Temp : -74.3C

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sset said...

Last hope of cyclone Fani over south east India fades away.... Tamil Nadu, South Andhra (Rayalseema,Anantapur,Cuddpah,Chittor), Interior south east Karnataka desertification ....

Posted Sunday 27th Afternoon: The South West Monsoon withdrawal has started with the formation of an Anticyclone at 850 hpa levels. As the w...