Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All India South West Monsoon Toppers from 1.06.16 to 10.07.2016

It took solid 3 days to compile this from over 10000 stations and some i have to maintain in excel sheet and i feel relieved at last to complete the job. Cherrapunji at 1798 mm, World No.1 wettest place Mawsynaram at 1860 mm, Kitwade at 1805 mm, Mahabaleshwar, Chinnakallar (king of Tamil Nadu), Gaganbawda, Kuttiyadi, Gavali, Amgaon all failed to make the cut-off. Hulikal which is King of South India is not working and Talacauvery readings not available. Open the image in new tab for higher clarity.

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Rajesh said...

well done Pradeep John...Remarkable efforts

Unknown said...

Great job pj

Sarvesh said...

80 percent Karnataka, 20 percentvmaharashtra

Sarvesh said...

Last year part 2 of monsoon gave dhoka, part 1 ending good this year let's c how part 2 performs this year

Vinod Desai said...

Thankyou pradeep john.appreciate the hard work. I dont think we can get such information anywhere else.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Great Effort- commendable job-

Anki said...

Finally north gujarat got its share after anxious wait,,,,,here is the rainfall figures from north gujrat in last 24 hours.(minimum 50 mm)

meghraj(aravalli) 190 mm
unjha (mahesana) 154 mm
idar (sabarkantha) 173 mm ( idar (imd) 96 mm)
satlasana(mahesana) 100 mm
malpur(aravalli) 95 mm
modasa(aravalli) 91 mm
vadali(sabarkantha) 78 mm
dhansura(arvalli) 75 mm
himatanagar(sabarkantha) 72 mm
talod(sabarkantha) 63 mm
bayad(arvalli) 61 mm
deodar(banaskantha) 59 mm
siddhapur(patan) 56 mm
hanj(patan) 55 mm
kheralu(mahesana) 52 mm
dahegam(gandhingar) 51 mm
khedbrahma(sabarkantha) 50 mm
patan(patan) 50 mm
sankheshwar(patan) 50 mm

SVT said...

looks like Mumbai wont get heavy rains till 20th July. When next low in bay will form?

VISHWAS said...

Light rain in Mumbai suddenly change in weather.

Unknown said...

Drizzling in Mumbai since afternoon.
Will there be heavy rain by later in evening

1st March: Mumbai: Parts of Mumbai received light drizzles on Thursday Night. Though rain was predicted in Interior Maharashtra, from an upp...