Thursday, July 21, 2016

Some Heavy Rainfall Amounts from Telengana (22nd July): Sirsilla 88 mms, Thollada 86 mms, Jukkal 81 mms, Dhar Palle 76 mms, Mudhole & Bejjanki 70 mms, Aswapuram 63 mms, Boath 59 mms, Narayankhed & Parkal 51 mms, 

On Friday, Delhi Palam remains hot as mercury touches 41.5c !

Posted Thursday 21st Night: 

Mumbai: After this weekend, from Monday 25th, Mumbai will see a marked decrease in rainfall intensity. The rains will reduce from Monday all along the Konkan belt and Coastal Karntaka. 
However, the weekend will see Mumbai getting its regular periods of showers.Showers in many parts of Mumbai will fill up the rain gauge to between 20-30 mms per day till Sunday. 
All along the interior Konkan towns too, showers ranging from 30-60 mms per day will continue till Monday.

The Monsoon Trough moves Southwards this weekend. While after Sunday, the West Coast trough tends to shift Westwards. Can bring improved rainfall to Saurashtra next week.
UAC from Bay moves inland towards Telengana/Vidharbh

Meanwhile, we can expect heavy showers in Vidharbh and Telengana (Hyderabad) this weekend. As the system moves inland, rains expected along coastal AP also.N.I. Karnataka can get good showers this weekend.
Chance of a good thunder shower in Bangalore on Sunday.

Good rains expected in West MP (Indore) on Saturday.In East MP also, places and towns can expect daily rains ranging between 10-20 mms per day.

As Delhi NCR records 37/38c, we may see a thunder shower on Friday in some parts, but day expected to remain hot.
Light showers in parts of Kolkata this weekend.


Cumulus arjun said...

Sir, when will another rain spell start after 25th dry spell?

Unknown said...

Sir, what about Pune?

Rajesh said...

Arjun: At least next week will see lesser rains in Mumbai.
Vinod: This weekend Pune will be cloudy with light rains in parts. But next week we wil check on the system and report.

Rajesh said...

Vinod: System meaning the UAC from the Bay

Zohair said...

Off Shore Trough shift Westwards Means sir? do u see any UAC formation over the OFF shore trough during next week i.e 27th/28th ?

Karan Kumbhar said...

Could you provide with the dam status of regions in maharashtra ?

northpole said...

sir as predicted by you west mp (bhopal) got heavy rain of 11 cm on morning of 23 july

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